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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The 10 Compelling Wonders Of Spending Time Outdoors

I LOVE the outdoors!  I love to hike in the mountains, breathe deeply the clean, light mountain air, experience the wonders of mother-nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  It gives me time to think, daydream and recharge.  I have found color inspirations for my stamping by looking at natures changing seasons.   Don't get me wrong, I also enjoy getting dressed up and trading my hiking boots, wool socks and backpack for a fierce pair of heels and a great purse!  I began thinking exactly why I love being outdoors so much.  I came upon this article that I identified with and wanted to share it with you. 
The accompanying photo was taken on our favorite family hike we have done dozens of times over the years.  Many of you will recognize the glorious Mt. Rainier!

The 10 Compelling Wonders Of Spending Time Outdoors
By Arina Nikitina

Did you ever notice that your energy wanes after a few hours indoors? I noticed that when I spend too much time indoors, my brain energy starts going toward things I don’t really care about, and things that are not in line with the way I want to be living my life.
Maybe you can relate to it as well. Many career-oriented people, who practically live in their offices often feel de-motivated, stressed out or find themselves wasted on totally irrelevant activities.
Now I want to ask you – How long ago has it been since the last time you felt a summer’s morning breeze on your face? Or touched the dew on the grass? Or heard the soft chirping of crickets and birds by your window?
Maybe it is time to abandon the stuffiness, heat and noise of a big city and reap all the health benefits of serenity and calm that nature has to offer?
While you are thinking about the answer to this question take time to read the 10 Compelling Reasons to connect with nature and spend more time outdoors:

1. All that sunshine makes you healthy.

Many of us have heard numerous warnings about the dangers of excessive sun exposure, but few people actually know about beneficial properties of the sun. Research has shown that the UVB sun rays are bursting with protective vitamin D, a vital nutrient for our bones, immune system and even for our happiness and well-being. Do not wait any longer! Get outside and D-light in the healthful benefits of the mild, early morning sunshine!

2. The air out there is healthy as well.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air inside our houses and offices is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. How is it possible? Think of all the toxic substances from paint, building materials, detergents and plastics that are trapped in your workplace and even your house. It is time to do your respiratory system a favor and fill your lungs with fresh clean air!

3. It helps you relax and cope with stress.

It is proven that sufficient period outdoors makes healing of physical ailments faster. But you do not have to be sick to go out in the sun or take a nature walk. The outdoors could actually be your daily de-stress activity, as just spending a few hours in nature three times a week will help you to relax easily and fight stress naturally.

4. It adds fun to your life.

I think you will agree with me that outdoor enthusiasts are fun to be around. Regardless of their work, age or lifestyle, they just seem to have that air of positivity and apparently embrace life more fully than the rest. Well, this point could spark a friendly debate. But let me stress that the wide variety of stuff you could do outdoors offers adventure, excitement and better confidence, particularly if you are into sports, exploration and competitive activities.

5. It combats attention deficit.

It is a proven theory that people who spend more time outdoors and commune with nature have better memory. More so, their attention span is more than twice compared to people who have limited time under the sun. Therefore, if all the health benefits are not convincing enough to embrace outdoor activities, do it for you productivity! You will turn to work, feeling much more energized, calm and focused.

6. Being outdoors improves social skills.

One who spends good time outdoors is bound to build a community. In the US alone, there are about 148 million people participating in various outdoor sports and subtler pastime. So instead of locking yourself inside four walls opt to be one of the regular runners or nature trekkers in your work place or neighborhood. Or better yet, take your family and go camping for a weekend!

7. Your eyes get rested.

You have likely experienced eye strain a lot these days due to long hours of using the computer, TV, reading and other activities indoors. But when you spend time outside, your vision improves. This is because being outdoors means getting your eyes relaxed. Enough of pushing your pupils to contract and straining your eye muscles. Go outdoors and get your eyes rested well. With a variety of things to see and motions around us, the eyes will surely get healthier sight!

8. It boosts your creativity.

The artists in each of us get that mental and emotional stimulation when we spend time outdoors. It is enough to look at the greatest work of arts to see a magical effect that nature has on our senses and our creativity. Even those who doubt that they possess an artistic streak, feel more creative and inspired as soon as they step their foot outside the house and let themselves be absorbed by the beauty of nature.

9. It teaches the children to appreciate Mother Nature.

10. The outdoors boosts your love for life – and self.

When you’ve just returned from a camping trip or simply come back home from running, something positive and powerful happens. It is like you have conquered something beyond reach or control. Or you achieve that sense of oneness and understanding with the rest of nature. As for me, each time I go out for that jog or the beach, there is always that sense of being whole.
What about you? What are your experienced benefits from spending time in the outdoors?


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