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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Would You Describe Success in 5 Words?

Many people talk about success and want to be successful, but I bet every person defines success differently. For some being successful might mean achieving financial abundance, whereas others might consider a life full of joy and happiness as the true meaning of success.
Have you ever thought about what success means to you? What 5 words would you use to describe it?
The only person that can answer the above question properly is YOU. As much as I wanted to give you an ultimate definition of success, I cannot do it, simply because it does not exist.
To me success means ‘completion’ and ‘fulfillment of my potential’. And Goal Setting is a big part of it. It is that feeling of satisfaction that you get knowing they are the best they can be. It is that inner happiness that comes when you have found your place in the world and are moving in the right direction.
But I do not want to condition you by talking about my own definition of success. I would much rather learn about yours.
If you have never given yourself time to think what success means to you, now is a good time to start. Because once you have figured out what is important to you personally you will be able to focus on your visions and goals.

Business Tips:  Autumn/Winter 2011 Idea Book Pre-orders
The Autumn/Winter 2011 Idea Book pre-order period is Tuesday, February 1, at 9 am (MST) through Monday, May 2, at 11:59 pm (MST). If you are already enrolled in the pre-order program, your shipments will continue as-is unless you visit the site to make changes. Enroll in the program or make changes to your preferences at Online Office > Business Management > Idea Book Pre-Order Program.

The pre-order program is the best way to guarantee you receive the Idea Book quantities you need for your business at the best possible price. For details about the Idea Book pre-order program, visit Online Office > Corporate Communications > FAQs > Idea Book Pre-Order Program.

Be sure to log in to the Training Academy and check out the new and updated classes.  There is  wealth of knowledge there just waiting for you!

Weekly Shout-Outs:
This week, I'd like to recognize and welcome this weeks newest team members as well as congratulate their uplines!
DLLevelConsultant NameDate Signed UpCityState/ProvinceUpline Name
Level 2Kim Landuyt02/21/2011VACAVILLECALinda Sturdivant
Level 2Tena Lengacher02/15/2011BREMERTONWALisa Sargent
Level 2Wendy Bennett02/20/2011ESCONDIDOCALisa Sargent
Level 3Ann Lounsberry02/20/2011GILLETTEWYSusan Brooks
Level 3Annemarie Wright02/21/2011NEW PORT RICHEYFLMarie Roberts
Level 3Holly Maahs02/14/2011MCMINNVILLEORJanet Nalley
Level 3Nita Stafford02/14/2011NEW PORT RICHEYFLDebbi Harden-Young
Level 3Sandy Stowers02/21/2011MOUNT JULIETTNDebbie Lawson
Level 4Cheryl Hunsberger02/15/2011NORRISTOWNPAWynne Thomas
Level 4Di DeCota02/21/2011DEERFIELDNHBriana Bostick
Level 5Karen Ruiz02/17/2011CAMERONNCLaurie Newton
Level 5Lannette Cloutier02/15/2011PittstonMEJennifer Kelley
Level 5Pam Hutson02/16/2011GREENCASTLEINCindy Gambill

Creative Corner:  Here is a little project I did for a customer workshop this month. 

Directions:  I used Sweetheart Bulk B&T with the black side up.  Follow the directions VERY carefully step by step in order don't be temped to skip ahead!


Inside page 1-2

Inside - page 3-4


Quote of the week:
If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all.”- Anna Quindlen

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What is Your Biggest Strength?

Last week I wrote about my biggest weakness.  It got me thinking about the flip side of that.  I found this inspirational article that I'd like to share with you.
"Recently, while chatting with a friend, I noticed a paradox – we gladly forgive others their mistakes, but beat ourselves up for our own.  My friend was telling me about being unable to learn programming and having to look for people, who could help her to manage her website. From my point of view it was not a big deal. Not everyone is born to be a programmer. But to her it was the end of the world. She continued repeating how “stupid” she was for not understanding a simple html code. However, when I mentioned that I am not a wizard at programming either, she instantly found several examples to demonstrate to me that I am better than I think I am! :)

This got me thinking – What if instead of being our worst critic, we become our own best cheerleader?  What if we learn to be more tolerant of our shortcomings and acknowledge our strengths?  Let us take a moment to practice self-appreciation, leaving forced modesty aside!

Take time to think “What is your biggest strength?” and then write down your answer in the comment section below for everyone to see!
Start with “I am…” – be daring!
For example, “I am intelligent”, “I am very determined”, “ I am indispensible, when it comes to handling stressful situations at work”, “I am great at creating relationships with people”.
Learn to compliment yourself as you so often compliment others."

Business Tip:
Be sure that all of the stamp sets you are using in your gatherings and workshops are orderable for your customers.  An easy way to do this is to go through any items you are unsure of and use the Product Search function in the Order Entry system or you can create an order and put in many items at a time. 

Leadershare in LasVegas March 19th
Don't miss the registration deadline, Friday, February 18th --- thankfully there is still room for you!

Shout Outs:

This week I'd like to recognize and wish a Bon Voyage to our Cruise Earners!
 Lynn Como - 3rd Downline
Noreen Petty - 2nd Downline
Lori Leng - 5th Downline
Helen Onulak - 4th Downline
Briana Bostick - 3rd Downline
Linda Sturdivant - 1st Downline
Congratulations and have a wonderful trip!

Top MyCTMH Sales for January and February
Lynn Como - $1375.65
Debi Squires - $1031.30
Helen Onulak - $986.58
Susan Tomaino - $725.55
Noreen Petty - $652.03

Create and Take from the Oregon Connected Hearts Team Meeting:

Chris Greens 6x6 My Creations Memory Showcase and 4 cards
Featuring Sophia Level 1 Kit, Level 2 My Stickease, Clear Buttons and Pink Sparkles

If you would like the pattern and full directions for this project, just email me and I'd be happy to send it to you :o)


4  cards made from the pre-printed 12x12 layouts with a bit of B&T added

Quote of the Week:
"The willingness to do, creates the ability to do."

Peter McWilliams

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Balanced Life.....

Before I attended Team Builders, each attendee was asked to fill out a questionnaire about our CTMH business.  One of the things we were asked to talk about was our strengths and weaknesses.  My number one weakness is finding the balance between my work and personal life.  The past couple of weeks have been a case in point.  I think this happens to many in this business, especially after returning with a "high" from attending corporate event.  We get so jazzed up that we go home and work ourselves on overdrive, get burned out, take a break and don't get back to it until the next event.  I have been so excited about all the new papers, stamps and accessories in the new Idea Book as well as reaching for my new goals I have spent 60+ hours per week in my office working since returning from Team Builders.  This week, I need to try to find that elusive "balanced state".   If any of you know a good way to create balance, I'd appreciate it if you could share it with me :o)  Any ideas you send me, I'll be sure to share.

Here are some to start with:
1. Create office set hours - mine are Tues and Thursday's from 8 am-1pm but I work much more that just these hours.
2. Prioritize daily and weekly tasks - I need to add in time with my husband and to do my cardio and move those up the priority list.
3. Schedule work tasks - I need to sit down and do this!  At lease my blog is scheduled for Tuesdays

Help me add to this list........

Shout-outs: 2011 has started out with a BANG!!!

Top 5 All levels for Personal Sales for January:

3rd Downline Director - Lynn Como had AMAZING sales of $8590.01!
4th Downline Ex Manager - Helen Onulak $6158.58
2nd Downline Director - Susan Tomaino $3282.90
1st Downline Director - Christina Eisenhour $2889.23
3rd Downline Supervisor - Debi Squires  $2620.25

Top 1st Downline Recruiters in January 1 - February 8th: Congratulations and welcome to the team!

Ginni Candelaria  recruited Renea Oravetz
Jackie Bluhm recruited Melissa Kubitz
Kathy Markloff recruited Angel Villers
Linda Sturdivant recruited Liza Garibaldi
Peggy Rhone recruited Debbi Bussell
Wanda Riley recruited Mary Ritter

Top Studio J Layouts Purchased so far:

2nd Downline Noreen Petty has made and purchased and incredible 169 layouts!
4th Downline Lorraine McKinney - 141 layouts
1st downline Linda Caler - 120 layouts

I love how you have embraced Studio J!  It's definitely beautiful scrapbooking made Faster, Simpler and Easier.

Team Meeting News:
The Washington team meeting is coming up on February 26th here at my home.  10 Am - 1 PM.  Those who live in Washington, watch your inbox for the details.  The swap will be anything NEW, new stamps and papers.  Make 6.  Everyone is invited to participate.  You can mail them to me with a SASE and I'll mail back to you.

Art Inspired: Here is a great example of how you can find inspiration in everyday things.  Be on the the lookout for patterns or color combinations that can help you when you find yourself creatively challenged.
I took my color combo and circular design cue from this mailer
Here is the finished "gift box" gift card holder 
This was my swap for my LeaderShare with the theme of "back to basics" just cardstock, inks and accessories - no B&T
 Quote of the week:
"Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they've got a second. Give your dreams all you've got and you'll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you."
William James

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Creativity calling!
This is what happens to my work space when I'm creating!  What a mess!
Today has been a day for creating.  I am so excited!  I have the opportunity to teach a class of 16 ladies for the Boeing Employees Rubber Stamp Artist Group here in my workshop.   I think I have every block, tool and accessory out on my table.   I am a bit intimidated to teach this group since this club has been around for more that 20 years, even before the old D.O.T.S. days.  I have wanted to tap into this group for years.  Many of the original members are coming and I feel the need to impress them.   I will be teaching 5 projects - 4 cards and a box.  My thought process is to be sure to use the Stamp of the Month and feature 1 Paper Packet.  Since it is February I have chosen Sweetheart.  I love the pink and black color combination.
Here is the box and 1 of the cards with the SOTM - I stamped the words in
Tulip first, then embossed the Damask design with clearand sponged over the
 top in a circular motion to reveal the design then added red sparkles.  Simple!
What I have rediscovered since returning from Team Builders is my passion and excitement for my CTMH business.  I have noticed that my excitement is reflected back to me in my business.  This past week, I have sold my first Studio J 1 year membership (the customer has already purchased 5 layouts), booked the Boeing group, have a recruiting prospect and held an awesome team meeting.  This is more than I accomplished all of December!
If your business is lacking, check your own enthusiasm.....are you excited to create and share CTMH with others?

Oregon Team Meeting:
Last Saturday was our 1st quarter 2011 meeting.  It was the best attended meeting in a long time with 26 members.  We welcomed our first CTMH brother, Bob Teske to the group!   One of the goals for the LeaderShare pilot program is to help increase interest and attendance at team meetings and it seems it has worked!  We may outgrow the meeting space. 

For the business portion, we reviewed the proposed changes to the compensation plan.  The biggest change that takes affect April 1st is that JC's need to submit at least $100 in sales each quarter to stay in CTMH.   Please take time to listen to the presentation on the CTMH website as well as all of the Marquee Messages for the latest news!

For the Create and Take segment, Kathy Smelcer taught a wonderful and unique Triangle Box that can easily showcase many of our stamp designs and embellishments.  Chris Green followed with a My Creations 6x6 Memory Showcase featuring Sophia Level 1 kit, Level 2 My Stickease and Clear buttons.  If you'd like the directions, please email me and I'd be happy to send it them you.
The lower left card by Debbie Poland was the 1st Place
The top right is one of my class cards - it's an envelope card
that holds a "neverending"card.

We had a great art contest and swap.  Here are photos including the winning cards:  
Top right card by Sharlee Stokes was the 2nd place entry

Quote of the week:
  "Try a thing you haven't done three times. Once, to get over the fear of doing it. Twice, to learn how to do it. And a third time, to figure out whether you like it or not."
Virgil Garnett Thomson