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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rediscover CTMH Seattle and Portland - My swap card.

Creative Corner:
This is a card I created for our team swap at the Rediscover Events.  Our theme was the Skylark Paper packet using bulk papers if possible so that we have ideas we can draw on for our classes and workshops.  I used two 1 inch  pieces of the Zipstrip so I can get many cards out of a single strip.  I also used the bulk sparkles and colored them with a brown sharpie to coordinate with my card.  It's colored in using inkpads and the blending pen.  Creme Brule, Sorbet, Olive and Lagoon.

Rediscover CTMH Seattle and Portland:
I will add to this post about the Rediscover CTMH event as have a chance.  I hope to do it during the event. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Embossing Folder and Ivy Lane - Shout Outs: Top Sales

Creative Corner:

I am so excited to have our very own embossing folders! They add great texture to our beautiful cardstocks. This card is based on one pictured in the Idea Book on page 65 and features Ivy Lane. Since I teach 3-4 card classes each month, my artwork has to use mostly bulk B&T's and accessories with small amounts of the other patterns or kit exclusive cardstock. I also like to copy artwork straight from the Idea Book to show customers how great the books are for ideas. I used Hollyhock and Smokey Plum Inks. Olive, Kraft, and Bamboo cardstock and a bit of Ivy Lane Purple. The accessories are Tropical Bakers Twine, Bulk Triangle studs and Bitty Sparkles colored with a Sharpie marker to coordinate with the card. I use the Provo Craft Cuttlebug. I love this "machine" because it's inexpensive, very portable, needs no electricity and fits our 5x7 folders. They are available for around $50 at Walmart and

Shout Outs: Tops in Personal Sales
Congratulations to our top sellers for January 2014 as recognized in "The Ribbon":
Number 2 in the US - Joy Tracey - 3rd downline with sales of $6983.25

Number 3 in the US - Lynn Como - 3rd downline with sales of $6543.40

Number 6 in the US - Noreen Petty - 2nd downline with sales of $4645.20

More amazing sellers with sales over $2000.00:
Krista Hershberger, Adele Vaio-Beisser, Dr. Phil Wilhelm, Debi Squires, Linda Caler, Sue Pershon, Meg Cheesman, Judy Larsen, Susan Williams and Lynn Vanverth.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Awesome Embossing Folder Techniques!!! - Rediscover CTMH Seattle and Portland Team Gatherings

Creative Corner: In LOVE with Embossing Folders!

If you are new to using embossing folders especially with our cardstock, be sure to watch the video at the top of the blog - there is some very important information for you to share with your customers.

Skylark meets Artbooking and embossing folders.  I love how the Quatrefoil embossing folder coordinates perfectly with the Skylark B&T patterns.  It really makes the card elements cohesive.
 Here are some embossing folder techniques for you to try and share to with your customers. 

After embossing your cardstock you can apply matching or a darker ink directly from your ink pad by rubbing it on the cardstock - it will stick just to the raised design.  I like to rub in a circular motion.  You can also use a sanding block to remove the colored part of the cardstock and reveal the white core.

Here is another technique that was shared by Lisa Combs at our December team meeting - it's kind of like magic!  On the left using white cardstock - I rubbing ink directly on the folder on the side that is indented, placed my cardstock on the clean side and closed it over the cardstock then embossed it.  The ink is transfered to the the paper leaving the design white!  You can do the opposite too.  On the right - I rubbed the ink on the raised pattern before embossing.  The ink transfers to the paper making the design in color and the background white.  Try this!!! You'll love the results!!!

Team News:
Here are the details of our brief team gatherings at the Rediscover Seattle and Portland Events next Wednesday and Thursday Evenings.

I am so thrilled that CTMH will be bringing a corporate event to our corner of the country! I can't believe that we get 2 events in the PNW. I have to think it's because we have such a wonderfully strong group of consultants in our area. This is just the 4th time in 23 years that CTMH corporate has held an event here.
Please rsvp by Sunday Feb 23rd if you plan on joining us. I will be running stats on Monday and the team awards will be based on those who are present at the meeting.
Here are the details:
Date: Wednesday February 26th and Thursday, February 27th
Time: 4:00 - 5:00 PM - we will begin promptly at 4:00 since our time is so limited
Doubletree by Hilton Seattle Airport 18740 International Blvd Seattle, WA 98188
Doubletree by Hilton Portland - 1000 NE Multnomah St - Portland, OR 97232
Agenda items:
Artwork displays - please bring artwork to share that you've created using our newest products.
Swap - The Swap theme we agreed on is: Skylark - No retired stamps, accessories, Stamps of the Month or Specials. Make 6. Please include your name and the recipe with each item. Artwork that is suitable for our workshops/clubs/gatherings is what we are looking for. Look at the Idea Book, Make it From Your Heart, blogs, FB groups, pinterest etc. for inspiration. - The use of Cricut and/or our embossing folders is encouraged! - bring them in a bag with your name on it.
Team Awards and Recognitions
Mix and Mingle game - hint...points for bringing art to share and participating in the swap!

There is casual dining in the hotels so we can grab a quick bite between the meetings. - I plan on getting to the hotel early and getting mine "to go" or there are lots of places to eat nearby - but if you're going to do this, I'd eat before coming to the hotel since you have to pay to park.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Creative Corner:

Today's card is an example of clean and simple - with a LOT of white space.  It's actually a card I created to feature the Lollydoodle paper packet for a swap.  The only thing I ended up using was the zipstrip so in the end I decided it wasn't a great way to show off that paper.  The colors are Buttercup, Whisper and Pear.  The stamp sets are B1452 Funky Blossoms, D1559 Geometric Backgrounds and D1542  For a Friend.  To make it FSE for a workshop you could use just Funky Blossoms and make it a "Thank you" card, use Honey ink and a strip of the Bulk Jubilee.  As I do with most of my cards, this one is cut down to 4 inches wide to save cardstock.  I inked the flower stamp in Buttercup and "rolled" the leaves in Pear.  A bit of 3 D foam tape and Creme Brulee Bakers Twine complete the card.
Business Bit:
I don't know about you, but remembering names has always been a struggle for me. I'm a visual person, so I can remember faces - but connecting the two is tough.  I found this article that addresses this issue and I'd like to share it with you.  I'm going to give this a try and see if it helps.   

5 Tricks to Remembering Anybody's Name

5 Tricks to Remembering Anybody's Name
What's in a name? A lot, it turns out -- particularly when it comes to garnering new business contacts. When you remember somebody's name -- even after meeting them just briefly -- it sends the message that the interaction was important to you. Perhaps no other skill can make others feel as valued, or open as many doors to new connections.
While some people possess a gift for remembering names, for others, it's more of a learned skill. But every new introduction is an opportunity to practice recognizing faces, and, as you improve, others will begin to perceive you as a valuable connector in business and in life.
Use the strategies below to practice -- and make it a point to challenge yourself at networking events. My advice? Start slowly, and then increase your repertoire with each new introduction:
1. Repeat names throughout the exchange. Repetition helps your brain form the connections necessary to retain information. As soon as you're introduced, say, "It's lovely to meet you, Jane." Refer to the person by name upon greeting and then repeat it again in parting.
2. Make mental associations. Make a visual connection with a person's name to something memorable in your world -- the more outlandish, the better. For example, if you meet someone named Jay who happens to be a music producer, visualize a blue jay at a mixing board. The humorous image will imprint his name and career onto your memory.
3. Study names in print. Use your eyes as well as your ears. When someone wears a nametag, for instance, look at the nametag as well as the face to create an association. As soon as you receive a business card, glance at the name and say, "Thank you, John."
4. Ask for clarification with difficult names. If a new acquaintance has a name that is difficult to pronounce or happens to mumble their introduction, simply ask him or her to repeat it. Then say it again yourself for verification. In addition to gaining clarity, the extra effort will speak to your attention to detail.
5. If you forget a name, address it head on. If you absolutely can't remember a name, try to offer any information you can remember, such as where the two of you may have met. Alternatively, if you shake hands and introduce yourself, your contact will most likely follow suit.
If you think you know someone's name, but are unsure, venture a guess: "Bill, right?" Or you could simply apologize and say, "I'm sorry, I'm a little forgetful at the moment. Please remind me of your name." Don't worry, it happens to everyone.

Jacqueline Whitmore is an etiquette coach and founder of The Protocol School of Palm Beach. She is also the author of Poised for Success: Mastering the Four Qualities That Distinguish Outstanding Professionals (St. Martin's Press, 2011) and Business Class: Etiquette Essentials for Success at Work (St. Martin's Press, 2005).

Read more:

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Business Bit:Six Steps to Salvage an Unproductive Day - Creative Corner

Creative Corner:Today's artwork is a bit atypical for me.  It's super graphic and bold.  Do you recognize the B&T paper?  It's the bulk Jubilee.  The colors are Honey, Black and Tulip.  Again - super simple with the help of our Cricut Artbooking Cartridge and Cricut Craftroom.  I warped the word and welded on an exclamation point.  It's also stamped with B1418 Love Doily. It gives a completely different look to this "down-home" looking paper packet.
Business Bit:
Here in another great article on time- management.  It is perhaps one of the biggest challenges of running a home-based business and is critical to master if you want to succeed working from home.
Six Steps to Salvage an Unproductive Day

We’ve all had those days when we have a million things to do, but can’t seem to get ahead on any of them. Not only do unproductive days detract from your business’ success, it can also have an effect on your well-being, affecting your mood and stress levels. While simply throwing in the towel, heading home and returning to the office refreshed the next day may seem an attractive option, there's still a chance to turn around your day and boost your productivity.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fun with Cricut & Cardstock -Shout - Outs! Top Team Builders - Rediscover CTMH

Creative Corner:
This card shows off the fun you can have with our 3 Cricut Cartridges and cardstock.  I've also included one of our new embossing folders to promote the "Embossing is Boss" constant campaign for my February card classes.  Words can be changed to fit your occasion.

X7183B Lollydoodle Paper Packet
D1572 My Life
 A1146 Sincere Expressions
 Z2164 Lagoon Ink Pad
 Z2173 Slate Ink Pad
 Z1924 Embossing Folder – Dots
 Cricut Artiste cuts
 Pg. 70 Accent 2 - ¾” & 1 ¼” White Clouds
 Pg. 35 Shift, Accent 3 – 2” Crème Brulee’ Sunray
Cricut Art Philosophy cuts
Pg. 21 Circle 1 - 1.1” Crème Brulee’ Circle
Cricut Artbooking
Pg. 79 Shift, Icon – 1 ¾”White Sun
Cricut Craftroom cuts
Art Philosophy Font “ Hi” Cut Out
Artbooking Pg. 79 Shift Photo Mat 2 B&T Paper Thought Bubble

Shout-Outs: Top Team Builders
We have had an incredible start to 2014!  Since January 1st we have added 84 new members in 35 different states to our teams!!!!!  Here are the tops when it comes to sharing CTMH and helping others join our wonderful family.  Congratulations to all of you.

1st Place - Joy Tracey - 6
2nd Place - Lynn Como - 5
Tied for 3rd Place
     Angie Hoffman - 4
     Linda Caler - 4
     Noreen Petty - 4
     Sandy Alford - 4
4th Place - Dr. Phil Wilhelm - 3
Tied for 5th Place
     Joanie McCall - 2
     Helen Onulak - 2
     Amy Ulen - 2
     Elisabeth Weaver - 2

I would like to extend a warm welcome to my new 1st Downline - Erik Dalton!

Rediscover CTMH Events:
I am thrilled that so many team members will be attending the Rediscover CTMH events here in the Pacific Northwest.  About 1/2 of the attendees are part of our team!  37 will be attending in Seattle and 51 in Portland.  I look forward to seeing you all there.  I'll be emailing everyone who has registered the details of our team meeting that will be held at the venue from 4:00 -5:00 pm.  Registration starts at 5:00 so watch your inbox for the information and to rsvp.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Here's another quick easy card that can be done in many color combinations.  This card was inspired by the layouts from the Fall Album Retreat.  I love the combination of Honey and Slate with a splash of Lagoon.  I used 2 different word stamps that I cut apart.  I also love combining different font types. The first is one of my favorites - B1417 Perfect Fit - Birthday. and D1514 Just a Number.  I also love C1561 One-
way Borders.  Chevrons are really trendy at the moment.  If you look around, you will see them EVERYWHERE!  Especially in connection with sports.  I added a bit of reinker with rubbing alcohol in a spray pen.  If you use alcohol it dries much faster. - kinda smells like a Doctors office though!  I think I may try the card again with Ruby/Cranberry and Black with the Honey Triangle Washi tape next.

Business Bit: The Power Hour! Creative Corner

As of Tuesday, there are 7 spots left for the Seattle and Portland Rediscover CTMH Events.  Registration closes Sunday. Register Today!

Business Bit: How to Get a LOT Done In Just 1 Hour a Day!

Have you ever found yourself working so hard, and at the end you feel like you haven't accomplished anything? Sometimes I find myself looking back on a full day of work and I think, "I can't name one thing I fully completed!" How frustrating! Here's a trick to getting a lot accomplished in just an hour a day. It's called the Power Hour. I know it sounds like a high intensity work out, but in reality it's a concentrated and well managed hour of your day! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Recently I have started looking at my stamps with a different eye - I have been looking at individual elements like words, letters and the bits and pieces that make up a stamp design.  I have started to perform a bit of "surgery" and I'm cutting the stamps apart to make them even more versatile.  I might not love a particular stamp as a whole, but parts of them may be quite useful.  As long as the elements have a bit of room to cut them apart you can do it easily with our Microtip scissors.  If it's tight, stretch them to make it easier to cut apart.  You can easily reassemble them on a block so that they look like they were originally.  They stamp up just fine.

If you look at the stamp I used for the thought bubble in the card below, it's the "thanks" stamp on the bottom left.  I simply cut the words out - now I have 2 stamps that are much more versatile!  I can put other words in the thought bubble and use the word "thanks" without the thought bubble.  This is especially useful when teaching classes.  You can put the elements on different blocks so there is no need to "mask".  Flowers can be cut off of stems and stamped in 2 different colors.

 I also discovered a great inexpensive way to add a bit of bling to the center of my flowers.  I simply used my 1/8 or 1/4 inch hole punches with our awesome glitter paper or Shimmer trim!  The bonus is that it keeps the card flat so there is no problem needing extra postage! It's also much cheaper than sparkles and we have a number of colors.  So save your scraps. You can attach them with either mini glue dots or the Bonding Memories Glue pen.

Here is my Stamp of the Month-Wild About Love card for my February classes. The classes are after Valentine's Day so I'm using it for a Get Well card. I'm giving my customers other choices for the words since the card is so versatile. I used the grass stamp from B1441 Buggy Love in Topiary to tie in with the bit of the new Topiary ribbon.  The flowers are Cricut cuts from Art Philosophy pg 29 at .60 and .70. The paper is Balloon Ride bulk with a small strip of the 2nd pattern.  The other stamps used are A1146 Sincere Expressions and D1531 from the Artiste Collection.  I also used Bronze Shimmer Trim and the centers for the 3 smaller flowers are punched from the matching glitter paper scraps.

Tips and Tricks & A Mini Business Bit

Whew!  What a weekend!  For all you fellow Seahawks fans, it was a dream come true!  To help us celebrate Super Bowl Sunday, my daughter, Rachel and I made 12th Man cupcakes.  We created our own "Seattle Mix" mini M&M's to decorate them and decided what they really needed were mini 12th Man flags.  For those who don't know, The 12th Man is the name we have for the collective fan base.  We are known for the LOUD NOISE we make to support our team.  Of course, CTMH has the perfect cardstock color - Pacifica and stamp set - A1139 Congrats Graduate to create our fun flags.  It took us just 10 minutes to make 25 flags by cutting long rectangles, folding them in half and embossing the numbers with Versamark Ink and white embossing powder then we used glue dots to attach the toothpicks.  They were a big hit!