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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Convention Team Meeting Invitation

If you're attending the CTMH Convention and are part of my team as my 1st - 4th Downline - this invitation is for YOU!  I hope you will join us for the FUN.  As a member of the 12's I'll be sporting my Seattle Seahawks Superbowl MVP Malcom Smith jersey!  Be sure to stop by the Connected Hearts team table to pick up your special convention gifts.  Leave me a comment if you're planning on attending :)

Just as the SUPERBOWL is to football fans,
So is the CTMH Convention to Consultants.
This is the BIG GAME for us!

You are invited to
Presented by Karen Morris, Naomi Smith and Julie Reynolds.

Wednesday, June 25
7:00 – 9:00 pm
The Magic Kingdom Ballrooms 2 & 3

Show your team spirit by ordering the Team Jersey today:
wear ANY sports team jersey to the meeting,
I mean, HUDDLE on Wed. night. (Don’t forget the face paint! LOL)

Come prepared to fill your playbook w/ strategies and proven moves that will propel you forward. Plus a bonus presentation by a CTMH VP!!

Bring your camera, notebook, business cards (for networking), handmade cards (to swap) and your checkbook for bidding on personal training sessions with premiere team members!

The Dream Team supports Operation Smile and the silent auction for “Personal Trainers” is a win-win opportunity for your personal growth that will restore a smile to a child. Our goal is to beat last years total of $1270.

DOORS Open at 6:40 pm. The Huddle begins at 7:00 pm.
The Magic Kingdom Ballrooms 2 & 3.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How to start a conversation about CTMH. plus a bit of this and that.

A colorful graphic birthday card I received from CTMH!
I think I'll use this for my July card class.
I hope you all had a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!  May is quickly coming to a close and it's your last chance to register for the CTMH Convention!  Although there is still 1 month left in the quarter,  check your sales stats to be sure you'll hit your $300 minimum for the quarter.  If you ordered one of the new D ring binders,  please pay extra attention.  See the excerpt from the CTMH Weekly Update below.

 Refunds for D-ring Albums; Faux Leather Albums ExtendedThe new D-ring coated canvas albums were manufactured by our long-standing vendor that has produced our faux leather albums and our Work-In-Progress album. In our further research and testing of the stock received, we believe that the D-Ring build quality, though not defective per se, is not of sufficient strength for our likely page weight usage scenarios. As such, we will be processing an immediate refund for all Cocoa Damask (Z1980) and Slate Circles (Z1981) D-ring albums ordered to date.
The vast majority of these albums were ordered as a regular commissionable item. Consultant refunds will be included with May commission payments.....Because commissions have not yet been processed for May, keep in mind that the refund for those albums purchased as a regular item will also lower a Consultant’s personal commissionable sales total by the same amount.

 Here is a great offer from Town and Country!

Click here to order:

Business Bit:
As you know, I'm a big fan on The Mind Aware online webinar series.  Here is a great tip from a mini class I'd like to pass on to you.

Video Script:
Hi, it’s Dana Wilde from The Mind Aware. Are you afraid to pick up the phone? Or does the thought of approaching a stranger about your business freak you out?
Well, if you want to alleviate that panicked feeling then “state your fear first.” What do I mean by that?
If you are feeling nervous about talking with someone or calling someone, than recognize that fear and have it be the FIRST sentence out of your mouth.
Just say exactly what’s on your mind.
For example, if you feel like you’re being rude when you approach someone, then just say to them, “I feel like I’m I’m being rude approaching you, but … “ and fill in the blank with the reason you wanted to approach them.
When you call someone, if you’re worried about looking like a pushy salesperson then make sure to say immediately, “I’m afraid I’ll look like a pushy salesperson by calling you, but …” and fill in the blank.
Stating your fear first makes you feel better and it helps your prospects connect with you as a normal human being with normal feelings.
Remember, after the “but”, fill in the blank with something of value to them … a free sample, a new product catalog, or something else of value.
At The Mind Aware we believe in Intentional Action … get your mindset right first and then take action. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Personal Post and a Couple of Important Reminders.

Skylark card for my June card class.
I must confess - I'm having a hard time concentrating on work today.  As I sit here in my office I can see the sun shining, the clear blue sky and hear the birds singing.  It's pulling me outside. "staycation" week is over and it's time to get back on my regular schedule and get back to work.  I want to thank you so much for the abundance of birthday wishes.  I had a most wonderful day and all in all 55 looks like it's going to be a wonderful year.  Besides needing reading glasses to do my stamping and scrapping, I can't complain :)  Here are a few snapshots from my week.

Sitting on the "Iron Throne" at the
Experience Music Project
Sci-Fi Museum.  You'll
have to be a Game of Thrones
fan to understand this one :)  

Tea with my daughter, Rachel
(now a blond!) at the hotel where
her wedding reception was held. 
The patio below the deck is ready
for summer gatherings.
The deck is now OPEN!
Mother's Day Brunch.

A quiet dinner for 2
with Dave :)


1.) Take a moment to take advantage of the FREE customer newsletter that CTMH has provided.  Use the space CTMH has provided to personalize it to promote your classes, clubs or other events or just showcase your artwork!  Look under Marketing - Newsletters on the CTMH online office.

2.) The second quarter is more that half over so check your stats while you are at it.  They are located at the top of the page under Key Statistics.  Your Quarter-to-date needs to be $300 or more by June 30th in order to remain a consultant.  Remember, there is no longer a Jr. Consultant Title!  To remain a CTMH consultant you must submit $300 in minimum sales each quarter.

3.) Mark Your Calendars!


Attention EVERYONE ---- Connected Hearts (my team), Legacy Makers (my sideline-Julie Reynolds team), and the Dream Team (my Upline - Karen Morris's team) are combining forces for an amazing Convention Team Meeting. The content will knock your socks off.... you won't want to miss it! Our meeting will run from 7:00 pm - 8:45 pm, so leaders--- please schedule your own meetings either BEFORE (5 pm - 7 pm) or AFTER (8:45 pm - 10:00 pm) so that everyone can attend!  We will have a special surprise guest so be sure to come and stay for the FUN - watch for further updates!

Thriving 30 Event:
I am happy to say that the Connected Hearts are indeed both striving and thriving. We have had unprecedented growth and excitement for CTMH in April in great part due to some amazing team members in Texas!  I am happy to announce that the Connected Hearts Thriving 30 Event will be held in WACO, TEXAS on Saturday, October 4th at the Hilton Waco.  We are privileged to have none other than the VP and COO of CTMH, Brian Holman as our presenter! Watch for more details and updates after convention.   This date no longer conflicts with my upline, Karen Morris's event (Sat. Sept 13th in Las Vegas)  if you're my 1-3rd downline you are eligible to attend either or both events!
Oregon Team Meeting Date Change:
Because the dates for the Team Builders conference conflict with the scheduled Oregon Team Meeting date already announced, I am changing the date from Saturday, November 15th to Saturday, November 22nd.  Please make the change on your calendars.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Choice or Luck? Determining Your Direct Selling Success

One of my May card class cards - quick and easy!
I hope all the Mom's had a wonderful day on Sunday!  Here in Washington the sunny weather made our day extra special.  I finished getting the deck ready and we celebrated the opening day of "Deck Season" on Mother's Day with a special brunch in honor of my 82 year old Mother-in-law.  I've been enjoying my "stay-cation" and will be back to a regular work week on Monday. 

Business Bits:
There have been many questions regarding the new Idea Book program that was announced back in January (seems like a long time ago) and another update given last week in the Company Updates.  Here is a link to the information video that may help clear up some of the questions.  We can pre-order beginning June 14th so mark your calendars so you don't forget.

New Idea Book Information Video:

Here is a great article for all the new consultants or anyone who want to "step-up" their business.  Food for thought.... 

Every day you make choices. Some big – some small – some are easy and some are hard. Some are scary and some are fun. You can say “yes” or “no” to every opportunity that is presented. The choice is yours.
The choices that you make on a daily basis affect the outcome of your successes in your direct selling business and your life. Your choices can also affect your attitude which sometimes affects other choices you make.
Have you ever thought about how many choices you make every single day?
Life is all about choices and in your CTMH business, because you are your own boss, you choose if, when and how many hours you invest.
You can choose to make recruiting, booking and customer care calls, update your blog, post on social media sites or you can choose to watch TV, go shopping or do nothing. You can choose to hold 1 gathering/workshop or 12 every month. You can choose to attend a Team or Corporate event or you can choose to miss it and wonder why your business isn’t where you want it to be. You can choose to set expectations, create strategies to achieve them, dream dreams, and make it happen. Or you can choose to sit back and watch others achieve their expectations, live their dreams and make the choices that create the life they want to live and say, “Wow they are lucky!”
I agree with Thomas Jefferson when he said, “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” I believe that you make your own luck by the choices that you make and the time you are willing to invest to achieve your expectations.
When you need to make a choice, ask yourself the following questions:
  • What’s the worst thing that can happen if I do this?
  • What’s the best thing that can happen if I do this?
  • Am I willing to invest the time to make this the best decision for me?
  • Will this move me forward so that I will achieve my expectations?
These questions can help you decide if what you want to do will be worth the outcome or if you should find another way.
Some people choose not to choose. But that really is a choice too. It’s the same as saying, “No”.
Some people let others choose for them. The reality is they made the initial decision to let their choices be made for them.
Having the direct selling business success that you desire is like a sporting event. You can choose to sit in the bleachers and watch others play the game and say, “Wow they are lucky.” Or you can choose to actively participate, play the game full out and make your own luck. It is your choice.
Adapted from an Article by Martha Stanley -Direct Selling Success Trainer, Speaker, Author and a Home Party Plan Business Coach

I am SOOO Excited!!! Now that the official announcements have been made and the "cat's out of the bag" I can finally post your amazing achievements:

Top Promotions to Ex. Manager and above:
******drum roll please****
Congratulations to:
Joy Tracey - Executive Director -  recruited an incredible 141 new team members!
Cara Miller - Sr. Director - added 82 to her team!
Susan Williams - Sr. Director
Mandy Petty - Sr. Director
Dawn Hinckley - Director
Debi Thomas - Director
Angie Hofmann - Director
Cathryn Oliver-Brown - Executive Manager
Judy Larsen - Executive Manager
Mischelle Smith - Executive Manager

The Connected Hearts team by the numbers - here are just a few stats.
1st - 4th downline grew by 33% in April.
192 downline promotions.
596 new 1st-4th team members!

Congratulations again to EVERYONE who made the April Team Building month such a success!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hi Everyone!  I'm taking a bit of a "stay-cation" for the next couple of weeks.  I had originally blocked out the first 18 days of May as time to take a trip. But with April's big recruiting promotion, I decided to do my vacationing here at home and use the time to get some spring cleaning done and prepare for what my family calls "Opening Day of Deck Season".  That means pressure washing everything to get the green slimy stuff off the seems to grow on every surface during the winter and early spring. And trips to the nursery for flowers to plant in my pots and hanging baskets.  It's raining today so I spent time creating, doing conference calls and going over the amazing growth our team has had last month.  Here is a card I created dedicated to each of you!  I miss all the ribbon we used to carry so I had to shop my stash to embellish this simple monochromatic 4x4 card done in Crystal Blue.

 Business Bit: 
Mind Aware - This is a great series of FREE interviews just for Direct Sellers!  Our very own Kristine Widtfeldt was the first one.  Here is the link to register for the series.  Kristine's interview will be available for just a few more hours.  The second interview has great information as well!  Check it out.  Replays are available for just 48 hours after the original air time.

Kristine Widtfeldt,
Close To My Heart

Do you feel like you’re not making enough money in your direct sales business? Would you like to know why? Do you ever wonder how to get some momentum in your business? It’s Kristine Widtfeldt of Close to My Heart to the rescue!
Kristine Widtfeldt leads the marketing and product teams at Close To My Heart, where she has been vice president since 2004. Kristine is a popular keynote speaker and has written more than a dozen books, consulted for several industry-leading network marketing companies, and even appeared on the ABC national news show 20/20.
In this interview, Kristine gives a clear picture of WHY you need to get your team members off to a fast start in the first 90 days and backs it up with the numbers. She reveals the biggest mistake she sees leaders making, and HOW to gain some traction in your business. She even gives her formula for how you should be spending your time if you want to maximize your results.
If you are tired of working, but not seeing enough of a profit, then make sure to listen to this replay!

These team members not only had significant team growth, but also outstanding personal sales!  Kudos to each of you!

April Top Personal Sales 
Over $4000.00
     Ginni Candelaria
Over $3000.00
     Lynn Como
     Angie Hofmann
     Meg Cheeseman
     Joy Tracey
Over $2000.00
     Debi Squires
     Judy Larsen
     Jenifer Benner
     Dr. Phil Wilhelm
     Tina Lovell
Quote of the Week: