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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my CTMH family!

Last entry I shared a bit about my struggles with procrastination.  I find the best part and one of the hardest parts of my CTMH business is being my own boss. My success is up to me.
It can be a challenge to keep the momentum going, stay on-task and not getting distracted by daily life.  There are always things you love to do like create cards and scrapbook pages to share with family, friends and customers and tasks that you would like to avoid, but need to be done.   Here is an article I found to be a great reminder:

Business Bit:
Five Ways  to GET GOING
"Tomorrow I'll stop procrastinating. "  Have you ever felt that way?

Everyone puts things off now and then.  For some of us, however, it's a deeply rooted habit - an ongoing issue that may cause frustration not just for ourselves, but for others, too.

Some people procrastinate because they aren't sure they're up to the job at hand.  They'd rather have people think thay didn't do it instead of they could't do it

Other people think of themselves as perfectionist.  They spend so much time preparing or focusing on details that they almost forget to start the project.

What's the harm in it?
Whatever the reason for procrastination, the more time you spend putting things off, the less time you're able to devote to getting a project done.  That's not good for you, your family or your customers.  Procrastination also has a snowball effect.  The more you put something off, the bigger it looms in your mind.  The bigger it seems, the more you many want to put it off.

Soon, the task can seem insurmountable.  You may find yourself becoming stressed, and that can affect your health.

Break the procrastination habit
To bypass the frustrations of procratination, consider these tips:

1. Chunk your tasks.  Break your project into smaller tasks.  Set daily goals, and check off each small task as you accomplish it.  You'll see you're making progress every day.

2. Block you time. If you have multiple things to do every day, block off time for each task.  For example, you might let others know you are busy from 10 to 11 but have time to meet from 11 to 11:30

3. Schedule updates. You might find motivation and support by meeting by phone or online regularly to discuss your progress with a sideline or upline - Accountability helps!

4. Be alert to your own delay tactics. Have you "gone for coffee" six times already - found any other excuse not to be on task?

5. Reward yourself. Sure, it might feel like getting gold stars in school.  But, if you know you can relax with a book or your favorite TV show or take a walk when you check off a goal, it can be well worth it.  There's no motivation like a mini-celebration!

There's help if you need it.
Chronic procratination is self-defeating.  It can block success and happiness.  You might want to talk to someone if a procrastination habit contunes to stand in your may.  Contact your upline and start the AMP program for that structure and accountability that will help you GET GOING!

Putting it into practice:  One of my "insurmountable tasks" I  procrastinate each year are my taxes!  I hate tax time and it stresses me out just thinking about getting all my reciepts and expenses added up so I can take the information to my tax preparer.  Every year I wait until the last minute then I panic.  This year, I have broken it up into smaller tasks like just figuring out my mileage, or just my phone bill.  I am happy to report that by doing this, I'm about 75% done!  My goal is to be finished by the end of the month.  If you are like me and tend to procrastinate, I hope you give this a try and see if you have less stress in your life.

Shout- Out's:
Congratulations to all of my first downline who participated in my "Jumpstart 2013" team challenge!
Lisa Combs, Michele Rowley. Jes Ballas, Carol Thompson, Tina Lovell, Linda Caler, Amy Zimmerman, Tami Pugmire, Adina Godin, Sherette Cline, Sue Shade, Stacey Gibbs and Sue Ashman.

A special CONGRATULATIONS to Adina Godin who was the winner of the additional $100 in SPC for the "Blackout" challenge! 

It has been so fun to find something other than bills and junk mail in my mailbox this month!  Here are just a few of the wonderful Stamp of the Month artwork that were sent as part of my 1st Downline BINGO Challenge - Thank you so much for brightening my day!

Creative Corner:

Stamp of the Month artwork by:
Tina, Lovell (SOM sentiment inside card) upper left, Jes Ballas upper right
 Linda Caler lower left,  Michele Rowley, lower right

Quote of the week:
Why do what you're taught to do - do what you LOVE to do
                                                                       -David Foster


  1. Welcome back Naomi. I loved your post - it was very timely for what my life has also been these last few months. Thanks for the inspiration.