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Thursday, March 14, 2013

So far, So GREAT!

Hey everyone!  I'm super excited to be off to The CTMH Album Retreat in Salt Lake City!  I'm looking forward to spending time crafting with many of my CTMH sisters.  It's been interesting doing the "homework assignments"  which has been a journey of self exploration, what and who is important to me in my life.
It will be fun to see how my photos are brought to life with the addition of the artwork we will be creating.  I'll share it will you when I get it all finished.  (notice I said, "when"  LOL)  I'm notorious for not finishing the Create and Take projects if I don't get them done at the event.  If you've read my previous posts - I wrote about purging them from my office.

Business Bit:
My time management system has been working well for me and I have been much more productive. I've had a couple of inquires as to what my "brain in a box" looks like. Here it is - the cute box, I  found at Fred Meyer - one of those places kinda like Walmart that has everything from groceries to hardware.  It looks like our "For Always" paper pack.  I know I could have created something really cute, but it was one more thing to do that didn't really get me closer to my goal of being more efficient with my time.

Small file box with tabs for each month and each day
Action Cards

One of the things I have struggled with over the past almost 22 years with CTMH is finding the balance between my personal and business life.  Here are a few quick tips from The Success Factory:

Quick Tip #1 Office hours Set them and follow them. Office hours remind you to go to work, but also give you permission to "go home" from work. Even though this is a flexible business, you have to schedule time and plan when you are going to work.

Quick Tip #2 Be in the moment Try not to think about family when you are working or work when you are with your family. This takes practice but can be achieved. One practical tip for helping you with this challenge is to let your answering machine pick up calls when you are playing with your children; be sure to turn the volume down!

Quick Tip #3 Workspace - Whenever possible, have a separate workspace for your business. In some cases, this may be as simple as a portable file box that travels with you.

Quick Tip #4 Family bills – By taking over at least one family bill as soon as possible, you will show your family that you are in business, not just playing office. This will also help you to take your work seriously and keep you accountable to a full calendar.

Quick Tip #5 Communication – talk with your family, especially your spouse, about your business goals. How will your family benefit from your new business? What do you need from them and what can they expect from you? When you work at it, a home-based business can be a great vehicle for enhancing your family's relationship.

Quick Tip #6 Check your priorities- Everyone has different priorities. Know what yours are and if you find you are out of order, then it's time to analyze and make adjustments as needed.

© 2013 The Success Factory. All Rights Reserved

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to my newest team member, Julyne Morvis from Honolulu, Hawaii!

We have some amazing Studio J enthusiasts on our team!  Here are the Top 10 in the Digital Delights Constant Campaign:

Kathleen Manges - 371
Noreen Petty - 308
Linda Caler - 206
Amy McGrew - 146
Shelly Nemitz - 145
Debi Squires - 112
Ginni Candelaria - 99
Staci Kendrick-Jones - 86
Jes Ballas - 79
Jayne Martin - 63

I look forward to seeing these ladies at the Album Retreat!
Carol Thompson, Ginni Candelaria, Linda Caler, Lori Symank, Sherette Cline
Amanda Moore, Amy McGrew, Amy Ulen, Cheryl Tingley, Debbi Harden-Young, Karyn Williams, Kelly Koch, Lori Scott, Martha Thomason, Patti Magallanez, Susan, Butkus, Heidi Wright, Kelly Cuttitta, Leanne Russell, Melissa Hill, Cheryl Hardy, Helen Onulak and Tina Mader

Creative Corner:
Here is some of the outstanding artwork that was shared at the Oregon Team meeting last month


3 cards  - same layout, different paper.  Sorry the photo is blurry :o(

I had a tough time coming up with a design for my card class with the March Stamp of the Month.. Here is what I settled on.
I am in LOVE with Claire and the Girls Rock stamp set!!  This one is for my April Card Classes.

Quote of the Week:

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