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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blogging under the influence.....

It's blog time.....

I want to start with a slight confession about my post this evening.  I am a bit loopy as I type this.  I went to the orthodontist this afternoon ....a great fear of mine since I have issues with my jaw.  I'm under the influence of a muscle relaxer, so please bear with me.  It's Tuesday and I must blog!

A message especially for my 1st Downline:

I hope by now you have had a chance to listen to Kristine's Instant Info on the CTMH website regarding the proposed compensation plan enhancements.  If any of my 1st DL would like a "Personal Business Review" to see how the new plan affects you, please contact me and I can arrange it.  At Team Builders, each attendee had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with one of the CTMH VP's for a 25 minute review of our business.  It was an eye opener for those who had never really "run the numbers" on what they have accomplished thus far and what we could do to reach the next level. 

As a result of my "PBR" my goal is to attain the level of Presidential Director by convention.  With the new changes, I know it's within my reach.  What I want to do is to work with at least 2 of you who want to really grow your team and reach Director level with 1 Manager and 3 Supervisors.  Please let me know if this is you!  For the rest of you, I'd LOVE to help you build your teams as well.  CTMH is offering an incredible Constant Campaign in February just for new recruits.  CTMH announced that 2011 is the year for recruiting and it is reflected in the cruise points offered just for bringing new members to your teams and getting the Straight to the Top!

Team Meeting News:
Registration is now open for Karen Morris's Leadershare in Las Vegas, NV  April 19th.  It's open to all of her 1-5th DL first, that means most of you!  I plan on being there to soak up some much needed sunshine and bask in the warmth of being with my CTMH friends.

This weekend is our Oregon team meeting.  I am excited to report that attendance is WAY up!!!!  This was one of the goals of the Leadershare program.  We will be covering the Team Builders meeting and the new compensation plan.  We will also be creating some incredible artwork using Sophia that you can share with your customers.  I will be posting photos next Tuesday.

A special thanks to Chris Green and Kathy Smelcer who will be leading our create and take.

Creative Bits:
I love the new paper packets in the Spring/Summer Idea Book!  Each person who attended Team Builders won one of 4 new stamp sets.  Here is some art using the new products that were done by the CTMH Art Department to inspire us to go home and start creating with the newest designs:


  1. Thanks for sharing this artwork! You don't sound loopy at all. :-) See you at Leadershare in Vegas...can't wait for some warm weather!

    Amy Ulen

  2. Naomi - how fun! Welcome to the world of blogging, I am thrilled to see this, and love to "read" the enthusiasm in your voice for the new year. I'll try to follow your example and set the goal for myself to increase my sales this year $2,000 and add 2 new team members. I know - not too aggressive, but it is a start.

    Hugs, Tarina

  3. You're setting such a good example Naomi! I plan to restart my blog and post more CTMH specials there. And perhaps move from a hobbiest to a more active consultant.
    Thanks for the incentive,
    Marie M

  4. Here are Nancy Reding's goals

    BUSINESS: visit Naomi's Connected Hearts blog every Wed. to stay up to date regarding my unit business.
    CREATIVE: visit Jeanette's blog every Tuesday for new color combinations.
    PERSONAL: unload some 'old' product from my stamp room to be better organized.

  5. One business goal I have for this year is to increase my customer base.

  6. Hi Naomi!

    Great info on here! Thanks so much for sharing.
    Goals for me for 2011...
    At least 6 new recruits but I'd really like 12.
    That will be a big challenge for me.
    Start hitting that $3K Mark for the New Comp Plan
    Earning this years Cruise because it will be my DH's 40th during the cruise next year & what a better way to celebrate. :0)
    HOORAY! This is going to be FUN!

  7. I am so excited for the meeting tomorrow! I am working to add at least 2 new downline to team this year. 3 would be fabulous as that would bump me to the next level in management. See you tomorrow!

  8. Well, so I didn't find WHERE to post before 9:00 PM, but I figured it couldn't hurt to do it anyway! I am SO not a blogger, or blog follower. Last year my goal was to start one, and decided it probably just wasn't for me, as I just don't have the time. I wish I had time to check the bulletin boards and people's blogs, but it's more important for me right now to stay in touch with my friends via FB.

    My goal for the year is to step up to the opportunities that have been coming my way to expand my business. It's still very difficult to figure out how to fit that in with working freelance, volunteering, and teaching ASL classes. I think it's going to have to start with cleaning my scrap/stamp room, and moving forward! Yikes, did I just admit that? Ok, hold me to it!