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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Use Your Own Birthday To Build Your Direct Sales Business

Since May is my birthday month, I thought this article was very timely!

Use Your Own Birthday To Build Your Direct Sales Business

Have you ever attended a store sale and the store has advertised that the sale is in honor of their birthday or their anniversary?

You can do that exact same thing to celebrate your own birthday. If the month of your birthday has 4 weeks, offer a different sales special each of the four weeks.

You might offer a bundle package at a reduced rate one week. You might offer a gift certificate for qualified purchases one week. You might offer a discount on a specific product one week. And finally you might offer a free product with purchase one week. These are all ways to get increased sales each week of your birthday month.

You might consider sign up specials the month of your birthday also. You might offer a free product with kit purchase one week. You might offer a small discount on the kit one week (I’d do this the first week, so that those who signed up earlier in the month aren’t upset). You can offer each of these for a two week period.

Publicize that it’s your birthday. It’s a way to open the door for communications. I have my birthday listed in all of my online profiles. I also talk about what I’ll be doing that week or even that month.

Consider offering a contest in honor of your birthday. State right on the contest web page that in honor of your birthday you are giving away ______ and then let the contest run the entire month of your birthday.

Run a fundraiser the month of your birthday. Let customers know that in honor of your birthday you’ll be donating 10% of all sales to ________. Let them know which organization you’re making the donation to and what the money might be used for.

Your birthday comes around once a year. Take full advantage of those 30 days to promote your business.
Shout Outs:
We have added another 100 team members from May 11-today!
Here are the top recruiters for the past 2 weeks
4th downline Kerri Wint - 6 new team members
2nd downline Noreen Petty - 5 new team members
1st downline Christina Eisenhour- 4
3rd downline Christine David - 4
4th downline Katey Johnson - 4
4th downline Lauri Newton 4

Welcome to my newest team member, Angie Arms!  Angie is an amazing photogapher,  new mom, friend and my first personal trainer!  Check out her photography!  www.angiearmsphotography,com   Studio J is an amazing new product she will be offering her clients.

Team Meeting Update:
We had a great turn out for the meeting last Saturday!  It was a pack room and agenda with the focus on Studio J.  Lisa Combs, Christine David and Amy Ulen assisted in sharing the highlights from Bootcamp.  If you'd like copies of the handouts, email me and I'd be happy to send them to you. 

Carla Lantz, Cassie Smith and I, led the hands on Create and Takes.  Here is my project.  It is a 4x4 card tote.  I am teaching this in my card classes next month in conjunction with the Stamp of the Month, Jubilation.  The cards were stamplifted and inspired by Tracy Lunceford.  Email me for the tote instructions.  I will be teaching the tote and 3 of the cards.

1st Place winner in the swap contest. made by Christine David.  Box closed

Box open - the swap theme was Kraft Borders.

These cards created by Lisa Combs
Carla Lantz taught the origami butterfly featured on this card.

Quote of the Week:

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."
Colin Powell


  1. Naomi

    I love this idea. Since my birthday is January & I don't want to wait, I think I'll do a "It's My 1/2 Birthday Month Special"!!

  2. Hi Naomi,

    Christine David Heckenlively Daly commented on your link.

    Christine wrote:"Hi Naomi - For some reason I can't post a comment, so I thought I would here. I wanted to share just how proud I am of my downline, Kathy Johnson. She wanted to attend Leadership. In order to qualify, she needed 4 recruits in less than 2 days because registration was closing. At first she didn't think she could do it, I told her to dream BIG. Do you know she recruited all 4 team members is less than a day!? I'm so impressed!PS