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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Intentional Schedule: Take Control of your Time!

I am away at Studio J Bootcamp this week!  I am so excited to learn more tips and techniques as well as how to market this wonderful new product!  Here is something I did as a team meeting activity.  I'm still on the time management kick, can ya tell!  I also did this as a presentation at Kathy Markloff's Leadershare.  Speaking of was AWESOME!!!!!

Kathy did a fantastic job!  She had the last of the 5 in the pilot program.  The program has evolved as each one built on the successes of the last. The swap/contest and the auction donations were the best I've seen in the 3 I attended.   The Operation Smile silent auction turned into a LIVE auction once again due to the brainchild of Ex. Director Wendy Vineis.  At the close of the silent auction, the totals were far below Kathy's goal of $1600.00 so the decision was made to take it LIVE and start the bidding with the last amount on the bidding sheet with yours truly as the auctioneer!  After watching my upline, Karen Morris do it with extra items, I figured I could do it too.  In the end, due the to amazing generosity of the East Coast ladies, we raised.........$3000.00 for Operation Smile!!!!

An Intentional Schedule: Take Control of your Time!
By Naomi Smith

Here is a great exercise to do if time management is an issue for you.  I use this as a first assignment when I coach someone.  First step is to get yourself a calendare, get one of the ones that has each day hour by hour if you have a difficult time day to day.

This exercise helps you to really visualize how you spend your time and how much you really have to dedicate to your CTMH business.   

For at least 3 months (if you have school aged children then do this for the remainder of the school year)

1. Enter and mark out all the important dates and times for your family and personal activities that are non-negotiable, like birthdays, anniversaries, school functions, church functions, doctors appointments,  if you have a traditional job, mark out your work and commuting time, kids activities: soccer games, etc.  (you may even want to color code these with a highlighter, one for each member of your family or for each type of activity)  

2. Put in your business meetings - team meetings, Convention and other CTMH functions

3. Add in your already scheduled gatherings, workshops and clubs (highlight these in green, the color of money $$)

4. Now mark out time for YOU, this can be time for exercise, a date with your husband, lunch with a friend (non-CTMH) , personal scrapbooking time etc. 

5. Next, block out the time you need to run your home, grocery shop and other errands, house cleaning, cooking, helping kids with homework, reading bedtime stories etc.

6. Take a yellow highlighter and mark out the times you have left that you can schedule CTMH work activities, more gatherings, team training, customer and DL care calls etc.  (Change the highlight color to green when you schedule a money making activity!) 

Now you have a visual of your schedule so at glance you can see what times you have open.  This can be an eye-opening exercise!

If you have already scheduled  regular office hours that's great, it will make the scheduling easier, if not you, should mark out some regular hours for work   If your office space needs cleaning and organizing, work on that as well. 

Take a hard look at the time you REALLY have for your CTMH business, do your goals fit within this time frame?   Are they realistic?
Shout Outs:  Congratulations to all the winners for sales and recruiting as well as the Art Swap contest at Kathy's Leadershare and for the entire group for raising record donations!  You ROCK!!!!

Creative Corner:  This week I am featuring some of the wonderful artwork seen at Kathy Markloff's Leadershare.  Enjoy!
Swap contest enrty

Silent Auction -
Altered Clipboard

Silent Auction - donated by the CTMH Art Department
Card Box and matching cards featuring Bliss

Donated by CTMH Art Department.  Altered Lunchbox with cards
These breathtaking handstitched cards were created and donated by Nancy Brown.
It sold at our live auction for an incredible $215.00!  They are each a peice of artwork worthy of framing.
The photo doesn't do them justice.

Quote of the Week:
 "Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why. "
Eddie Cantor

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