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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Convention 2011 - B is for "Balance" and "Being"

Wow!!!! That's all I can say.  Somehow after 20 years, Convention gets better every year.  The highlight was the announcement that CTMH has partnered with Provo Craft to bring us our very own Cricut cartridge!  I was honored that Karen and I were the ones to help with the announcement via a skit segment.  I got to make a wish for some sort of cutting system and Jeanette granted my wish!  I can hardly wait for it to arrive so I can start creating!  I'd love to have you share your creations as well.  Email me photos with the details of how you did it and I'll put them up.

I have SO much that I will be sharing in the weeks to come.  I took TONS of artwork photos as well as photos of what really makes our company great, the PEOPLE!  Our team was well represented in all areas of convention, from presenters and instructors, to award winners.

One of the classes I participated in was the ABC's of CTMH.  It was a super fast paced class with 26 quick tips from A to Z for improving your business.  Each presenter was assigned a letter and asked to choose a word beginning with that letter as talk about it as it relates to your CTMH business.  I had lots to say and just 2 minutes so I promised I'd put it on my blog. 

“B” is for “Balance” and “Being”

Since you all are CTMH entrepreneurs as well as moms, wives, sisters, brothers, husbands, friends, employees, and all the other hats you wear in your daily lives, you know that it’s not always easy to keep the priorities straight.  Particularly when your business is just starting, but also when you get things going at a good clip.  CTMH can take on a life of its own and quickly cross the boundaries of happy home life.   This can happen within your business as well.
Not only do we need to find balance or harmony between our business and personal lives, but also between the elements of our business: personal sales, recruiting and supporting our teams.

Since I have just 2 minutes, I’ll have to give you just sound bites:

In my coaching and mentoring, after asking what the consultant wants from their business – you really need to be clear on this before you can find balance-  the next step is to begin with the concept of balance, what I call the intention schedule.

 For most of us, one of the appeals of becoming a CTMH consultant was that it could be worked ALONG SIDE our lives, not the other way around.  So start by deciding what you want and need from your business, list all the aspects of your daily lives and see if those goals fit into the time you have to devote to CTMH.  If it’s within your business that you’d like to find balance, then do the same: list all the things you do in your CTMH business, look at your goals and see what fits into the time you have.

Next, prioritize, organize and schedule.  Eliminate those things from your life that don’t move you towards your goals.  If you feel you are always working but never getting ahead, this could be part of the problem.  Use a “power hour”

Learn to say ‘NO”, for some of us that is very hard!

Hire and/or delegate anything and everything you possibly can.  Involve your kids.

BE – Be present at whatever you are doing – work during work time, play during playtime!

Set business hours and work them, when your scheduled tasks are finished leave work at work and close your “office”

Schedule playtime for yourself and your families.  Leave the Smart phones, laptops and thoughts of CTMH at home.  There is nothing more precious than taking care of ourselves and spending time with those we love.

By finding the harmony in our lives we avoid frustration and burnout and will be more happy, productive and satisfied!

At our team reception on Wednesday evening, we honored the top performers in the categories of  Personal and  Team Sales as well as Recruiting in a video slide show.    Congratulations to all for a job well done!

Top Team Sales

Kathy Markloff  - Krafty Kritters Senior Executive Director $2,315,620.65
Wendy Vogel-Vineis - Awesome Achievers Executive Director $1,238,386.75
Susan Tomaino -  Tomaino Patch Director $553,858.97
Lynn Como - Coastal Stars Director $480,638.13
Linda Caler - World Wide Stampettes Senior Executive Manager $331,490.45
Christina Eisenhour - Memories in Motion Director $275,268.50
Noreen Petty - Scrappin' Chatters Director $255,703.56
Sherri Tozzi - Legacy Leaders Director $209,102.04
Adina Godin - Stamping Sisters Director $175,965.43
Ginni Candelaria - Happy Hearts Director $170,613.77

Top Personal Sales

Lynn Como Director $79,809.92
Helen Onulak Senior Executive Manager $33,749.02
Linda Sturdivant Director $26,262.93
Debi Squires Supervisor $25,673.79
Krista Hershberger Director $25,091.00
Amy McGrewDirector $24,945.98
Briana Bostick Director $24,934.64
Adina Godin Director $24,836.15
Ginni Candelaria Director $24,130.85
Judy Larsen Supervisor $22,363.63

 Top Recruiting

Briana Bostick Director 39
Noreen Petty Director 30
Christine David Director 29
Lynn Como Director 17
Dr. Phil Wilhelm Director 17
Linda Sturdivant Director 15
Christina Eisenhour Director 11
Chris Green Director 11
Ginni Candelaria Director 9
Krista Hershberger Director 9
Dalene Wells Senior Executive Manager 9
Kerri Wint Executive Manager 9
Karen Bittinger Executive Manager 9
Helen Onulak Senior Executive Manager 9
Kathy Markloff Senior Executive Director 8
Debbi Harden-Young Executive Manager 8
Sarah Spencer Executive Manager 8
Laurie Newton Executive Manager 8
Brenda Rutt Executive Manager 8
Lori Leng Senior Executive Manager 7

A special Congratulations to Briana Bostick for being chosen to serve on the 2011-2012 Advisory Board!

And most of all, I'd like to congratulate my wonderful, amazing, upline, mentor and friend, Karen Morris for her "Spirit of Close To My Heart" award.  So fitting and deserved!

Oregon Team meeting will be Saturday, July 30th in Salem, Oregon at the South Salem Phoenix Inn.
10:30- 3:30 or whenever we finish.  Priority to my 1st downline.  Space will be limited so rsvp early!  Watch your inbox for details.  Swap theme will be new stamps (including SOTM) and products.  Cricut items stongly enouraged!  Make 6   You may participate by mail.  Swap items must be in my hands by Friday the 29th with a Priority Mail Stamp and your address label.

CREATIVE CORNER:  Here are some of my favorite art pieces from convention
 (I got special permission to photograph some of the silent auction pieces)

By Sara Batkin

made with 2 packages of Pennants!

 Much more artwork to share in the coming weeks!

 All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.
                                                                                                                        Walt Disney

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  1. Love the owl box and castle book - would love more information on how to create these.