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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"E" is for Events - Retiring list - Convention 2012

This week, I have spent getting up to speed with the up coming specials, changes in pricing and packaging as well as playing with the new Cricut cartridge!  One thing I learned is that the booklet that comes with the cartridge is essential to using the new cartridge, so don't ever lose it!  After I got the hang of how to access all 700 images, it has been super fun!  I have been cutting up a storm.  I love the new 3D flowers and boxes we can now make in so many sizes at the touch of a button or turn of the dial.  If you have trouble figuring it out, give me a call and I'll talk you through it.  My favorite glue to use with the 3D flowers is the Alene's Fast Grab Tacky Glue in the purple bottle.
 It's super thick so it keeps the petals in place but allows you time to fuss with them a bit to get them to look the way you want.  Just store the bottle upside down in a cup so it's easier to squeeze out.

My customers have really appreciated the new full size photos and black text.  As well as the return of the index in the back.  I just got the new Double D set, Pair-a Phrase, that is the National Stamping Month Constant Campaign.  It is SO CUTE and versatile!  You could easily create an entire card workshop using just this stamp set.

Don't forget that registration for Convention 2012 starts next week!  Our color group will be LONESTAR LAGOON!  So when you sign up, choose that color group so that we can all rotate classes together.

This weeks article is another from the Convention class, the ABC's of CTMH.  If you participated in this class and have your script, I'd love to feature your words of wisdom.  Email it to me and I'll share it with the team :o)

MORE ABC's of CTMH - "E" is for Events
by Adina Godin - Director

I am a strong believer that in order for your business to grow you must have events scheduled!  According to Websters, an event is simply something that is scheduled to happen at a certain time on a certain day.  An event can be a big workshop, a club, some people coming over to stamp – anything that is scheduled!  The examples I use today will be from an annual 30 card Workshop I hold.  I am going to be talking about some Event tips that work for me that coincidentally also start with the letter “E”.

ENCOURAGE – Your customers to attend your event – maybe give a sneak peak!  Encourage them to bring guests.  I always offer something free if they bring a new friend to the event!

Create EXCITEMENT – My customers love coming to workshops for the cool bags, packaging, tags with their name on it, etc.  Something that simple can make them feel special and excited to be there!

Be EFFICIENT - Package up your items, Have everything they need in a packet.  That way you don’t run out.  It also makes it easy for distribution and to gather up for no-shows.  For this particular workshop, I set it up in stations that they rotate through.  I have directions there as well should I not be readily available to answer questions.

ENVIRONMENT - Make the environment for your event welcoming.  Make sure it is clean, smelling nice, kids gone, pets put away, comfortable temperature and things organized nicely.  Your customers will continue to attend your events for the “feeling” that they get while there so environment is an important part of your event!

EDUCATE  - Teach your customers HOW to use the products.  Show them different uses for them.  If they KNOW how to use them, they will have to have them!

ELEVATE your sales, so that you EARN more money!  If I am doing an event that is a pre-paid supply fee, I always offer a special for certain levels or orders turned in at the event.  That way they are encouraged to spend on top of their pre-paid fees.   I usually offer free product in the amount of the hostess rewards.  I don’t mind giving that up or even a little more since it is orders that I otherwise might not have gotten!

CREATIVE CORNER:  not so creative this week, just good information to pass on to your customers and beef up your July sales.  This was posted on the CTMH BB with some additions at the end by me.

Here is the current retiring list for July 31st. Orders must be placed before midnight MDT on the 31st.  I have heard the some items may already be out-of -stock so I'd place your orders ASAP.  I have stocked up on the 24 packs of cardstocks for my workshops.  If you plan on using the Cricut, you may use more cardstock than before.

My Relections Kits, Papers & My Stickease
All Level One Scrapbook Kits
Bliss Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Miracle Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Sweetheart Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Wings Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Magnifique Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Olivia Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Hooligans Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease
Mistletoe Level 2 Paper Packet and My Stickease

Acrylic Blocks
1” x 1 ½” block (Y1001)
1” x 6 ½” block (Y1005)
2” x 11” block (Y1007)
2 ½” x 2 ½” block (Y1004)
4 ½” x 6 ½” block (Y1011)
My Acrylix block starter kit (Y1500)

Embellishments & Tools
Designer ribbon – Cranberry (Z1209)
Designer ribbon – Buttercup (Z1154)
Designer ribbon – Sweet Leaf (Z1125)
Sophia Level 2 Journaling Spots (Z1357)
Mini Medley Accents – Pear (Z1339)
Mini Medley Accents – Lagoon (Z1340)
Mini Medley Accents – Outdoor Denim (Z1277)

Rub Ons – Across the Board (Z1231)
Rub Ons – Primavera (Z1265)
Kraft Color Ready Borders (Z1377)
Red Eye Pen (3501)
Embossing Powders – Clear (Z671)
Embossing Powders – Heavenly Blue (Z647)
Embossing Powders – Pansy Purple (Z664)
Embossing Powders – Silver Pearl (Z678)
Block Buddy Set Z1289 121 Pivot Point Stapler (Z1009)
Texture Tools – Foam Tools (Z1090)
Fun Flock (Z263)
My Accents Block Organizer (Z185)

24 pks of Cardstock will only be offered in these colors after July 31st: Kraft,
Black, White Daisy, Colonial White, Vanilla Cream, Chocolate, Cocoa, Desert
Sand, Bamboo, Sweet Leaf, Pacifica, Smoothie, Creme Brulee, Olive,
Cranberry, and Outdoor Denim
Textured Cardstock – White Daisy
While no colors are being retired,  you will be able to purchase the other colors in combo packs.

Inks and Markers
After July 31st, you will be able to purchase our stamp pads and markers individually. We will no longer offer them in sets of color families. Order before July 31st so that you can receive the Color Family Set discounted price.

Dimensional Elements
Dimensional Elements – Villa (Z1390)
Dimensional Elements – Miracle (Z1354)
Dimensional Elements – Booksmart (Z1223)
Dimensional Elements – Borders (Z1156)
Dimensional Elements – Framed Fun (Z1140)
Dimensional Elements – Plain Chipboard (Z1164)
Dimensional Elements – Stars (Z1312)
All Dimensional Elements Monograms – A – Z

Other Items
All Envelope flats – Pg 114
3” x 3” Mini Album (Z1166) – Pg 120
My Creations 3 ring binder (Z1141) – Pg 120
ALL stamp sets not in the 2- 2011 Idea Books
The following colors of cardstock will only be available in the Combo packs with just 2 of each color so if you like them, you may want to stock up now.

Sunkiss Yellow
Sunny Yellow
Lilac Mist
Holiday Red
Spring Iris
Pansy Purple

Here are more convention favorites from the Art Gallery and Silent Auction all of these were done by the CTMH art studio

cute and easy card holder using one of the new kraft shaped cards!


Believe in your dreams and they may come true; believe in yourself and they will come true”
                                                                                                          – Author Unknown.

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  1. Naomi, thanks so much for sharing the class information and artwork photos with those of us who could not attend convention. I look forward to learning more at your unit meeting in August!


  2. You're welcome, Amy! I'm sure you had a blast in Hawaii with your family though. See you next month.