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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sharing my weekend - what did you do with yours?

Summer weather has finally arrived here in the Pacific Northwest, just in time for the kids to head back to school.  For many of you this week has been a flurry of back-to-school activities.   It's so much fun to take those "first-day-of-school" photos each year and see just how much the kids have grown! Since my kids are adults and out on their own, I must confess, I've been out playing again. Hence the late post.  Those of you who live here know we must soak all of the sunshine in while we can before it turns to liquid until at least next July!  I hope you all had some fun over the long weekend and took lots of photos to capture the memories in your scrapbooks, share with others and remember the fun you had.  Here are just a few of mine.
My husband Dave and daughter Rachel at Summit Lake
Sunrise over Summit Lake

Our camping spot on the cliff over the lake at 6000 ft.
Motorcycle trip to Mt St Helens - that's it in the background.
It's hard to tell it was once a beautiful peak!

Hiking with friends to Skyscraper Mt. - in the far distance
lots of wildflowers!

Sunset at Cape Alava - 3 day backpacking trip.  Those of you who are Twilight fans, this is just north of La Push, northwest of Forks.  We got one of the rare clear, sunny days there. It's such a privilege to be able to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature.  We were visited by a family of 6 raccoons, heard a pack of coyotes, had a chipmunk try to steal our sandwich and a Momma deer and her fawn came strolling through our camp.  We were lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves and the sea lions barking on the island and wakened by the seabirds.

I'd like to encourage each of you to find that activity that feeds your soul and recharges you.  For me, it's getting outside, away from the crowds where I can think and be inspired by the beauty of nature.   I'd love for you to leave me a comment.  What is it for you?

Congratulations to the following team members for promtions in the month of August!
1 Lisa Combs Supervisor Manager
1 Judith Gerke Supervisor Manager
2 Kat Stromecki Consultant Supervisor
2 Faith Hilsinger Consultant Supervisor
3 Jenifer Benner Consultant Supervisor
3 Jennifer Davis Consultant Supervisor
3 Vivian Reynecke Consultant Supervisor
3 Sherry Lester Consultant Supervisor
3 Heather Pierce Consultant Supervisor
3 Jennie Hilligus Consultant Supervisor
4 Sherrill Black Consultant Supervisor
4 Alison Tunison Supervisor Manager
4 Tammy Sinks Consultant Supervisor
4 Marce Taylor Consultant Supervisor
4 Denice Conary Consultant Supervisor
4 Penny Mabbitt Consultant Supervisor
5 Malisia Broom Consultant Supervisor
5 Lori Sharp Consultant Supervisor
5 Tracie Brown Consultant Supervisor

Welcome to the newest members of our team!

Consultant Name City State/Province Upline Name
Amory Ortega TOMBALL TX Adina Godin
Lela Lindquist TOMBALL TX Adina Godin
Rebecca Whitson TOMBALL TX Adina Godin
Sandy Graham EUGENE OR Kari Palmer
Dawn Nelson NEW ENGLAND ND Kim Olson
Elaine Gall GASTON OR Wendy Coffman
Leasie Cornelius BRENTWOOD CA Lisa McNatt
Melanie Akey BRENTWOOD CA Lisa McNatt
Beth Campbell DUNCAN SC Dr. Phil Wilhelm
Erika Ross SIMPSONVILLE KY Dr. Phil Wilhelm
Janna Gray OVILLA TX Christine David
Lisa Compeaux CUT OFF LA Tracy Angelette
Vicki Wild BEDFORD TX Cheryl Dakin
Mary Howard RALEIGH NC Christina Jackson
Yoshira Torres FRESNO CA Krystal O'Neill


CREATIVE CORNER: Not a lot to share this week beacause I've been playing.  There will be LOTS next week since I'll be getting my board swap in the mail and I should have my class projects done for this month.  Here are the last 2 projects I did with the Sonoma papers:

12x12 Layout
Pattern from Magic- Crystal Ball, C1466 Instant Memories, D1482 Love Life, Z2114 Cocoa Ink,
Z2137 Olive Ink, Z2147 Smoky Plum Ink, Z2161 Petal Ink, Z1104 Clear Sparkles,
Z1635 Heirloom Assortment, Z1612 Foundry Pin Clips, Z1100 Cocoa Grosgrain, Z1102 Colonial White Grosgrain, 1388 Colonial White Cardstock


Take-out Box- Cut at 8 inches,   Gift and Gift Layer- Cut at 3.4 inches
Circle Tag- Cut at 1.3 inches,  C1461 Salutation Seals
Z2114 Cocoa Ink, Z2147 Smoky Plum Ink, Z1104 Clear Sparkles, Z906 Bamboo Waxy Flax
1388 Colonial White Cardstock
Super simple party favor!


I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.
-John Burroughs

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  1. For me, recharging means staying home! Probably because my busy family is at the age where we are always on the go... I love to be home when the house is quiet and I can curl up with a good book and maybe even a favorite movie.