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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

20 Years 6 Months in the Making:

20 years 6 months in the making:
I spent my Friday night last week on pins and needles!  I have had a couple of major goals that have finally come to fruition.  As many of you know, I am a big believer in the power of goal setting.  It has been my goal for many years to be among the first Presidential Directors in CTMH.  Until the newest compensation plan changes, this has been a long-term goal.
I knew what I needed to do, had a plan, and have been working towards it.  With the announcement of the changes last January, the goal suddenly became a small step instead of a huge leap.  I changed my plan and with the help of a few key people: Adina Godin and Linda Sturdivant and her team, Brian Holman, who painted the picture for me and the Advanced Reports on the website, I finally made it!  Thank you to all of you who are part of our team.  I know that although, the title is mine, the credit belongs to all of you!

My second goal was to earn the Hawaii Cruise.  It has been a few years since this had been a part of my goals.  Hawaii is definitely a draw for me since I feel so at home there.  It is one of my happy places :o)  The time was right in my personal life that I could focus more on my personal sales as well as that of caring for you, my team.  It came down to the wire, since I had 1118 point left to earn on Friday evening, the last day.  I had a large workshop with 13 customers who helped get me to my goal.  I was madly entering the order and checking and rechecking my numbers.  Thank you to Sheena Searls who stayed up late with many of us to confirm our final numbers.  I made it with 30 minutes and 1 extra point to spare!  I'll be taking my 26 year old daughter, Rachel with me for a mom/daughter trip.

If there are any of my 1st downline or 2nd-4th downline Executive Managers and above, who would like help with your goal setting and action plans, I'd love to be of assistance.   Just contact me and we can see how I can best help you.

 SHOUT-OUTS:  Congratulations to all of the Hawaiian Cruise earners!  I'll be joining you all for a wonderful tropical vacation in paradise!  See you in March!

1st Downline: Christina Eisenhour, Adina Godin, Ginni Candelaria and Kathy Markloff
2nd Downline: Noreen Petty

3rd Downline: Lynn Como, Briana Bostick, Christine David, Dr. Phil Welhelm and Krista Hershberger
4th Downline: Helen Onulak


Presidential Director: My amazing upline, Karen Morris Leader of The Dream Team  Yipeeeeee !!!!
My sideline Michelle Brooks
How wonderful that 3 out of the 4 Presidentials are all on the same team.  This is truly a testament to the strength of our extended team.

Senior Directors:
Christina Eisenhour
Adina Godin
Ginni Candelaria
Linda Sturdivant

Additional promotion news to come

TEAM NEWS:  Back in May, I issued a personal challenge for my 1st Downline.
Create and submit 4 Studio J Layouts during each of the next 4 months June-September (total of 16 layouts). With a Studio J 12 month membership, you will have free shipping and page protectors along with the rest of the membership benefits. For each 8 people who complete the challenge, I will draw for 1 Studio J 5 pack. Drawing will take place and announced on my October 4th blog post:

Those who completed the challenge are:
Linda Caler and Carol Thompson

The winner of the drawing for the Studio J 5 pack is Carol Thompson!  Congratulations, Carol!  I'll be emailing you your 5-pack code.

CREATIVE CORNER:  These projects are all from Karen Morris' board swap and were created by Karen.


"If you can dream it, you can do it!"
-Jon Heder as Jimmy MacElroy in Blades of Glory


  1. Naomi, congratulations to you and all your team members who earned promotions and the cruise! I'm also excited to see that my upline, Carol, won the Studio J 5-pack!

  2. Congratulations Naomi!!!! I am so excited for you! YOU deserve both the title and the trip!

  3. Congratulations, your hard work is inspirational.