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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I've fallen off the blogging bandwagon :o( Time to saddle up again!

Here is another article from The Success Factory that really spoke to me!  If found it especially appropriate now that we are heading into a really busy and family focused time of year.  This also happens to also be a top sales time for most of us with our CTMH business.  I have been super busy these past weeks trying to juggle my regular customer classes, creating and adding an extra Cricut class plus 2 team meetings and other team support and getting ready for the Creating Keepsakes Expo.

SUBJECT: Feeling out of BALANCE?

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear Wayne Cordeiro, Senior Pastor of New Hope  Christian Fellowship  Church speak on Leadership and the issue of balance.
While his talk was directed towards church leaders – much of what he had to say can apply to those of us who are in business for ourselves.
The good and bad news of having a home based business is that often it can be easy to feel like you are out of balance. When you are working your business, you feel guilty because you are taking time away from your family. When you are with your family, you feel like you should be working. Personal time, especially in the fall can be at a premium and so it gets ignored completely.
Pastor Cordeiro spoke of the importance of being aware of what fills and what drains your emotional tank. That if you push and push and push, too hard, for too long – eventually your body will be drained of endorphins and you will find yourself running on adrenaline. This recipe for disaster was the predicament he found himself in several years ago and actually ended up under a doctor’s care because he had burnt himself out to the point of complete physical and mental exhaustion. He described himself as a “Dead Leader Running”.

His suggestions are practical, doable and to the point:

1)      Be aware of what fills and drains your emotional tank and write it down. What makes you feel most alive is what fills you. Think about:
a.       Who am I with?
b.      What am I doing?
c.       Where am I doing it?
The busier you are the MORE you must increase what you do to fill you because if you get too busy to FILL UP you will drain your tank – this is suicide!

Ask your spouse to write down the same list and then exchange lists – it is so important to know one another in this way.
2)      Understand BALANCE in life and the principle of the fulcrum – life and business/ministry and family and business/ministry aren’t separate. All are part of each other and sometimes balance happens when you move your heart  more towards one or the other. In other words, there may be times in your life when there is a need to give your family more of your time and energy and the same holds true with your business. The idea that you will be completely be able to operate 50/50 is not realistic.
3)      Learn to lead out of REST. When filling out your calendar, schedule your REST points first and then fill in the work time.
4)      FIND your lightening rod. This is a trusted friend who you can dump stuff on – and they will GROUND it. They listen, don’t judge and keep whatever you have said confidential. He also recommended that this person not necessarily be your spouse.
5)      Finally, he stressed the importance of “Disciplining your Daily Devotions.” Once again, beginning the morning with a quiet time is crucial for a day that is in balance. You may have to get up 15 minutes earlier than you planned – but a daily quiet time for reading, prayer or meditation is vital in order to establish and maintain balance in your life

Business Bits:
I'm not quite sure why I haven't been doing this the past 20 years, or at least since I've been having all my orders shipped to me!  Here's the tip:  As you pack your orders, place a sticker with your contact information on each item.  That way, if a customer wants to order more or would like an idea book etc, they can easily find you!  Even if they give/sell etc the products to someone else, your name goes with it.  I printed mine on address labels and they say:
         If you’d like more,contact me!
Naomi Smith

I have spent hours putting my label on all the product for the show.  I'll let you know in the coming months how it pays off.

Wowzer!  You have all done an outstanding job growing your teams with the help of the October Constant Campaign!  Congratulations to the following team members for outstanding recruiting in October!  The total team grew by an amazing 118 members!

Special recognition to the top 4 recruiters:
Amy Raftery - 10
Phil Wilhelm - 6
Noreen Petty - 5
Briana Bostick - 4
Adina Godin -2
Alayne Fleming -1
Adeline Brill -1
Amanda DesJardins -1
Amy McGrew -2
Amy Raftery - 10
Angela Tutton- 2
April Davis -1
Becca Curry -1
Betsy Gully -1
Bev Mathias -1
Brandi Katrein -1
Briana Bostick -4
Carol Fowler -1
Chris Green -1
Christina Eisenhour -1
Christine David -1
Cindy Appleman -1
Debbie Winkfield -1
Dr. Phil Wilhelm -6
Edie Marks -1
Elisabeth Weaver -3
Erika Voelker -1
Holly Strum -1
Jeni Augustyn -1
Jessica Ballas -1
Jessica Dunne -1
Joy Anni -2
Julie Decker -1
Karen Oakman -1
Kathy Markloff -1
Kim Davis -1
Kim Olson -1
Krista Hershberger -1
Lana Massman -2
Laurel Shields -1
Laurie Newton -3
Linda Caler -1
Linda Norman -3
Linda Sturdivant -2
Lisa McNatt -1
Lynn Como -3
Marcy Sowers -2
Marianne Bourgeois -1
Marie Moreken -1
Martha Saenz -1
Mary Mellone -1
Melissa Virden -1
Michele Pryor -1
Michelle Johns -1
Michelle Naylor -1
Monique Griffin -1
Noreen Petty -5
Pam Hendricks -1
Pat Laviolette -2
Patricia Weisenbach -1
Rebecca Cameron -1
Rita Pfingsten -1
Robin Coleman -1
Sally Bacon -1
Sandee DePriest -2
Sandy Taylor -1
Sarah Spencer -1
Shelly Nemitz -2
Sonia Abrew -1
Stacy Gaither-Tabor -1
Susan Farris -1
Susan Tomaino -1
Susan Williams -1
Suz Winter -1
Tera Boring -1
Theodora Stacey -2
Tina Lovell -2
Tina Taylor -1
Tracey Mason -1
Trish Brand -1
Venia Joray -1

With all the recruiting and the start of the new compensation plan come PROMOTIONS!
Congratulations to our new Leaders  - Directors, Sr. Directors, Executive Directors and Sr. Executive Director!
Linda Caler Senior Executive Manager Director
Amy Raftery Executive Manager Director
Susan Tomaino Director Executive Director
Dr. Phil Wilhelm Director Executive Director
Adina Godin Director Senior Director
Linda Sturdivant Director Senior Director
Christina Eisenhour Director Senior Director
Ginni Candelaria Director Senior Director
Noreen Petty Director Senior Director
Lynn Como Director Senior Director
Christine David Director Senior Director
Briana Bostick Director Senior Director
Sherri Tozzi Director Senior Director
Wendy Vogel-Vineis Executive Director Senior Executive Director


Here is the art for my November card classes:  The stocking is a gift card holder
The Christmas tree card was adapted from a card by Mandy Leahy - for instructions go to  I stamped the scalloped circles and sponged them with white ink before assembly.
The Glory to God card was adapted from a card on the CTMH art board - I can't seem to find the post to give her credit.
The small Wreath card is a money holder with lots of Stardust Glitz glitter Gel
The Magic of Christmas card has a Santa image cut from the B&T paper as well as a zip strip and the Stamp of the Month

A extra special Thank you to Ginni Candelaria!  I was trying to figure out the best way to teach a Cricut Class that would be meaningful.  Ginni posted a photo of a tag class she's teaching.  What a great idea!  Here are the tags and a box to put them in that I'm featuring in my class.  A couple are copied directly from Ginni and others I created.  I will give them 1 sheet each of Topiary, White Daisy and Bulk Dreamin' and Believe.  They must bring their own machine with the AP cartridge, a mat and spatula.  I will also provide all the finishing embellishments.  I have created a document with cutting instructions for all the pieces as well as a supply list.  If you'd like a copy, email me and I'll send it to you.  The blue snowflake circle tag is a card.  I tried to use as many of the function keys as possible.


                                     Connected Hearts 2012 Team Meeting Dates:
                       All members of Naomi Smith’s 1st -4th Downline are welcome!

Washington Team Meeting -Kent, WA – November 19th
Oregon Team Meeting   Salem, OR – February 18th    
Washington Team Meeting -Kent, WA –March 31st  
Oregon Team Meeting   Salem, OR – July 28th    
Washington Team Meeting -Kent, WA – August 18th
Oregon Team Meeting   Salem, OR – November 10th  
Washington Team Meeting -Kent, WA – December 1st  

 Questions - Contact me:
Email -
Phone – 253-639-2708


          "You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety"
                                                                                                            -Abraham Maslow

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