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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring Cleaning

FINALLY, have you noticed? We are starting to experience more and more daylight each day. And depending on where you live, the weather might be giving you a little “hint” that spring is coming in the not-so-distant future.

And, CTMH has unveiled our new products for Spring and Summer, it’s always fun to have something new to share with your customers, wouldn’t you agree?

Business Bit:
It’s also a great time to “spring clean” your samples. Take a look at your displays and samples. You might even want a friend to be a second set of eyes for you.

How do your displays look to someone looking at our product for the first time? Does it look sparkly new and exciting or tired, tattered and worn out?  Do you still have lots of winter holiday items and samples with discontinued products?  If your displays are looking a bit worse for wear, take this opportunity to hold a Spring Clearance sale!

This is simply a fancy name for an open house. A wise woman once taught that you call an Open House anything but. The name Open House alone infers if you come, fine if not, no big deal. By giving an Open House a snazzy name (like Spring Clearance sale) you create a sense of urgency…that this is an event not to be missed!

Put out your new spring products and (in order to give your display a face lift), sell off your discontinued products and worn sample cards and layouts (reduced because they are samples) in order to replace them with newer ones.  Participate in a swap to get fresh ideas to add to your displays and/or spend a day or two creating up a storm.

Create excitement by sending emails, post it on Facebook and other social medial and phoning as a follow up. Consider doing raffles prizes. Get creative…give them a raffle ticket just for coming, another if they bring a friend, 5 for each $50 they spend, 10 if they book a party, 20 if they join…you get the idea! What a great opportunity to promote the newest recruiting special!  Who could resist a FREE Cricut AP or equivalent in product credit!

Try this and share your results. I think you’ll be surprised at what fun you’ll have, how booked your calendar will be AND how CLEAN your displays and craft rooms will look when all is said and done! Enjoy!


I 'd like to recognize the top 5 team members accomplishments for the calendar year 2011  CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS!
I'll be seeing many of you soon in sunny Hawaii!

Personal Sales:
Lynn Como
Dr. Phil Wilhelm
Krista Hershberger
Helen Onulak
Noreen Petty

Team Sales:
Kathy Markloff
Wendy Vogel-Vineis
Susan Tomaino
Lynn Como
Linda Caler

MyCTMH Sales:
Lynn Como
Debi Squires
Noreen Petty
Helen Onulak
Christine David

Operation Smile Donations:
Patricia Cosgrove
Lynn Como
Jane Hartman
Patricia Weisenbach
Linda Sturdivant

Team Building:
Noreen Petty - 33
Briana Bostick - 31
Christine David - 29
Dr. Phil Wilhelm -29
Lynn Como - 19
I am thrilled to say that as of today, we have 220 team members registered for Convention in Dallas!

CREATIVE CORNER:I have been having so much fun with all of the latest stamps, papers and accessories in the Spring/Summer Idea Book! We had an amazing team meeting in Oregon where lots of great artwork was shared.  Here are just a few from the meeting and some of mine too :o)

By Naomi Smith

By Wendy Coffman

By Wendy Coffman

By Tera Boring

By Naomi Smith - Fun way to make a card closure from a Cricut AP shape

By Naomi Smith - My February Class cards.  I incorporated old and new papers


  1. Looks like an amazing meeting - I'm sad that I missed it. The samples are all adorable - but I'm given credit for that sweet bunny card, and it's sadly not mine, just the little crystal birdie one. Thanks for sharing and I hope I'll be able to attend the next one!

  2. I just love seeing the swap items from your meetings. I have a couple favorites that I'm excited to try including your heart closure card!

    1. Glad you are enjoying my blog! It helps to know that it's useful to you. I'll post more tomorrow.