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Monday, January 30, 2012

Two Tips to Build a Sustainable CTMH Business

Greetings Connected Hearts!  Where oh where did January go?  We have had quite a month here in Western Washington!  It began with a snowstorm, then an incredible ice storm that knocked out the power, cable and internet at my house for 5 days.  It's an interesting experience to be "off the grid" for that long.  I actually got a lot done.
I made 32 cards for a swap and had a customer over to stamp in my cold kitchen with just the light from the window.   It really makes you appreciate technology, simple heat and light.

I hope all of you are having a productive January and have had fun playing with all of the newest papers, stamps and accessories in the Spring Summer Idea Book.  This month can set the tone for the months ahead.  How does your calendar look?  Do you have the business you need to meet your goals?  I have often been asked about how to build a sustainable business.  What that means is a business that is repeatable each month and you don't struggle to keep it going.  A good analogy is a fire that keeps burning and you don't have to constantly fan it to keep it going.

Business Bit:
Here are two quick tips:

My 20 years of experience has taught me in order to achieve this you need a minimum of 3 money making events each month.  These can be gatherings, classes, workshops, online sales or crops/expos.  The reasoning is, if you have 1 cancellation then you have 2 events left to rebook from.  If on the other hand, you have just 1 or 2 events on your calendar, then a cancellation like I had, due to unforeseen circumstances, leaves you with either no business or just 1 chance for a new booking for next month. 

The other practice I highly recommend is, if at all possible, schedule your events toward the beginning of a month or quarter so that you have cushion time to make a few calls to get any extra orders you need to meet your quarterly minimums if you are a hobbyist or monthly minimums to earn downline commissions.

If you need help with this, I'm here for you, just give me a quick call or email.

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Linda Sturdivant
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Belinda Ellsworth
Belinda Ellsworth is the premier motivational speaker, sales trainer and expert for the direct sales industry. With more than 30 years of experience in direct sales, she has trained thousands of independent sales consultants, managers and executives. Belinda has worked with more than 100 different direct sales companies, many asking her back again and again. Why? Because she delivers. After she speaks, companies and organizations always see an increase in sales, bookings and, most importantly, recruiting.
Karen Phelps
Karen Phelps is an author, speaker and leading authority on direct sales. Over the past 25 years, she has experienced and overcome many obstacles and setbacks within the industry and now has vast experience in selling, sponsoring and being the kind of leader who knows the value of living a balanced life while maintaining a list of priorities. Karen is an expert who entertains and interacts with her audience while providing them with the basic systems and solutions for reaching their objectives. Her programs are simple and can be easily implemented to produce immediate results! She also is an active professional member of the National Speakers Association, and one who knows the value of continuing her own education. She has been recognized for her outstanding personal and group sales achievements, including Number One Regional Personal Unit Sales for 3 years in a row. Karen's powerful message, engaging style and proven ability to train at every level, guarantee a winning performance every time!
Mary Christensen
Mary Christensen brings with her the credibility of success. Mary is a much sought after speaker at direct selling conventions, as well as the author of four best-selling books on how to succeed in direct sales. She raised her family while being a direct selling entrepreneur, then founded her own company and sponsored over 1000 in her first year. But that wasn't all. Mary learned that wealth is not only measured in dollar terms, but also in quality of life. Yes, dreams truly can come true. Anyone can dream - and anyone can realize those dreams, regardless of his or her current skills, experiences, or circumstances. The answer is network marketing, the opportunity to own your own business without taking on the burden of going it alone.
Julie Anne Jones
As a former Direct Sales professional, Julie Anne Jones excelled in her party plan business, consistently holding three parties per week and winning national awards annually. Julie Anne specializes in easy-to-use-scripting and language and simple systems for success in direct sales. She combines her training in leadership, her natural communication skills, her coaching training, and her dynamic personality into a very direct, entertaining and fun training experience. Over the past six years, she has become a sought after corporate consultant and trainer, bringing her unique style to corporate events throughout the United States and Canada. She loves sharing her information, whether it's from the stage or through her webinar and teleseminar training platforms. Julie Anne prides herself on her ability to incorporate solid training concepts around personal development, coaching skills, direct sales leadership, party presentation and host coaching into a very unique style.
Shari Hudspeth
Shari Hudspeth is the President and Co-Founder of Average to Excellence, a company for party-plan professionals, and co-author of "Direct Selling Power", one of the most relevant and up-to-date direct sales guidebook available today, containing practical strategies which will help you take your business to the next level. As a leader in the field, Shari earned her stripes creating outstanding teams quickly. One Shari-led team skyrocketed from $0 to $14 million in only six years. Using the same training that she now offers, she personally developed and led a team of 140 leaders, including four Regional VPs and two Senior Regional VP's. As a Business Consultant, Shari has successfully led the creation and execution of countless training programs, incentive strategies, leader retreats, and national conventions, driving goal-exceeding results for the organizations and field teams she inspired. Her perspective and understanding of the issues that confront consultants today is fresh and on-target, and her solutions are practical and effective!
There are 24 speakers in all including: Dana Wilde, Kelly Brian Paull, Andrea Waltz, Pat Pearson, Shachena Gibbs, Sue Rusch, Karen Clark, Casey Eberhart, Lynsey Jones, Tammy Stanley, Deb Bixler, Dr. Steve Taubman, Becky Spieth, Jane Deuber, Lyndsey Baigent, Teresa Garrison, Julie Henderson, Steve Wiltshire, Anne Howie, and more. Wow!
And of course, me, Linda Sturdivant! You can hear me on Tuesday, April 03, 2012 -- mark your calendar!
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P.S. Dana just told me that these interviews will be recorded and will be available at no charge after each show for a limited time so you won't miss a thing. We'll send you the web address of each replay recording as soon as it's posted on our website. Sign up right now, while it's fresh on your mind...

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