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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blog Take 2.....


It's been 9 months since my last blog post....on my list of work related tasks to do, my blog seemed to always end up at the bottom of the list.  My goal for 2013 is to move it up and take a smaller bite this time.  I am putting it out there that I WILL post to my blog on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month.  Since there are 5 Thursdays this month I'm going to start today.

Among my reasons for choosing the 2nd and 4th Thursday's is I wanted to be sure that one post fell just after the 15th of the month when CTMH has stats up as well as The Ribbon so I can recognize awesome achievements for the team.

One reason I let my blog end up at the bottom of my "to do" list was that I wasn't getting much feedback that it was time well spent.  I got super busy getting ready for our team soiree at convention and got out of the habit.  And truth be told I am a procrastinator.  Months went by and I did start to get questions whether or not I was going to get back to blogging again.  That's when I realized that perhaps I was reaching team members and that people were missing hearing from me.  There has been tremendous growth in our team due to the efforts of so many of you.  I hope that my blog will be a tool and support for your growing teams.

Many of you know that I am a big proponent in the power of setting goals.  Here is my chance to "practice what I preach" Now that I have stated my goal, I need a plan.

My plan:

Action step 1 - Dig out my office so I can be more organized and be able to get tasks done.  I will be able to quit wasting time looking for things I need under my mess.  I spent last weekend going through the piles that had built up over the months and years.  I threw out tons of papers, old unfinished projects and came face to face with the fact that realistically I will never finish that Create and Take project from convention 2009!  In the process I found lots of great articles I have saved that I will share with you in the coming weeks.  I put them in a file folder marked "Blog Ideas" and put them in my file drawer so I have no excuse for not having anything to share!  After 21 years with CTMH, my office still has a long way to go before the purging is complete.  It will be an on going process.

Action Step 2. - Set up a "tickler file" system that I have used successfully for the past 20 years for my home.  It's based on the book -The Sidetracked Home Executives by Pam Young and Peggy Jones   I have been meaning to do this for YEARS!  It's a system I'm familiar with and I know it works for me.  I'm a very tactile, visual person and I like task cards and "to do"lists.  In a nutshell - I have an index card with each task I need to accomplish - how often it needs to  be done and how much time it will take.  I put them in a file box with month tabs and 31 daily tabs - then assign each task to a day.  I allow for flexibility but if I skip it once I must do it when it comes up again.  Call me if you want further information :o)  It may seem archaic to those of you who like the digital world!  I will give myself 3 months and see how I do.  If all is going well, I'll add a few more tasks to my box.  I'm going to try not to let convention planning derail me again.

 BUSINESS BIT:  Here is one of the articles I found to share with you....

Procrastination Prevention - Just do it and build momentum.
by Christine J. Kim

Inside every one of us lives a skilled procrastinator, compiling a list of reasons to put off tasks.  And while we're busy putting off till tomorrow what could be done today, time and opportunities whiz by.  "Many of the excuses are rationalizations in sheep's clothing, " says Joseph R. Ferrari, author of Still Procrastinating? The No Regrets Guide to Getting It Done.

It's a slippery slope: Studies show procrastination eventually seeps into every area of life - leading to maladaptive, unproductive living.  To combat those bad habits, Ferrari suggests the "structured procrastination" strategy.

Prioritize.  Assemble a list of tasks, ranking the most urgent a the top.  Now, complete all of the other items on the list.  "You may b surprised to see that the No. 1 task was really not the most pressing," Ferrari says.

Create a system.  By establishing a process for a specific task, such as routinely checking and responding to e-mail, you'll have less time to get sidetracked,.

Divide and conquer.  Tasks are easier when they're broken down into smaller parts.  Focus in the key - complete the "bite-size" tasks at hand and move on.  And by completing lots of your smaller tasks, you'll gain momentum from the sense of accomplishment.

What I got from this article: putting it into practice.

After reading this, I have decided part of my problem that causes me to procrastinate on my blog is that I'm trying to write it all at once and I often lack that chunk of time I need to do it.  Since there are 4 components of my blog post - I am going to make 4 different cards and take "smaller bites" Intro and quote of the week, Business Bit, Creative Corner and Shout-Outs.  This way I can space out my time.  I hope I've helped a few of you  by giving you a glimpse into my madness :o)


Congratulations and Bon Voyage to the following team members who are on their way to the sunny Southern Caribbean on the CTMH Cruise!  Unfortunately I will not be joining you, as boats and my tummy don't get along :o(   Have a wonderful time, you deserve it!

 Adina Godin, Christina Eisenhour, Ginni Candelaria, Kathy Markloff, Lisa Sargent,
 Amy Hartle, Amy McGrew, Joyce Houck, Noreen Petty, Susan Tomaino, Wendy Mulreaney
Briana Bostick, Debi Squires, Debi Thomas, Dr. Phil Wilhelm, Krista Hershberger, Lynn Como
Amy Raftery, Bernie Bolton, Helen Onulak, Judy Larsen and Keli Shideler
I look forward to seeing these team members who will be joining me at the CTMH Album Retreat March 14th - 16th in Salt Lake City!

Carol Thompson, Ginni Candelaria. Linda Caler, Lori Symank, Sherette Cline, Amanda Moore, Amy McGrew, Amy Ulen, Cheryl Tingley, Debbi Harden-Young, Karyn Williams,,Kelly Koch. Lori Scott, Patti Magallanez, Susan Butkus, Hiedi Wright, Leanne Russell, Cheryl Hardy and Helen Onulak
 Welcome to my new recruits: Missi Diamond  and Ali Caldwell! 

Here is a workshop I taught at the last Oregon and Washington Team meetings.  I call it "Mad for Monograms"  It would be great to do as a customer workshop since it uses 1 sheet of bulk B&T paper of your choice, coordinating cardstock, ribbon and embellishments to create 5 cards and a pillow box to put them in.  If you'd like the instructions and cutting guide, email me and I'll send it to you.


"Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting"
                                                                                                      - Christopher Morley


  1. Hi Naomi. When are your next events? Do you have anything on Feb. 20, 21, 0r 22. If so please let me know. Maureen See I will be out your way and would love to come.

  2. Hi Naomi, so glad to see you back in the saddle again! I'm wondering how you managed to toss out old papers. I have some that I know without a doubt that I will never use again, but just can't "waste" them. Anyone have some ideas?

    1. Hi Betsy - I just decided that they were cluttering up my life and my space. What I threw out were cut up projects that I had bagged - unfinished C&T's old agendas and stuff from team meetings - I filled my recycle bin with stacks of really old catalogs, scraps of cardstock the list goes on. I'm a paper and ribbon hoarder and I have to be in the mood to get rid of stuff. I'm like you, I hate to waste but there comes a time when my sanity is more important LOL

  3. Great to have you back. Thanks for blogging and encouraging us along the way.

  4. So glad you are back to blogging! I enjoy your blog posts!

  5. Thanks Naomi, for your efforts to get your blog going again! It's already helpful!

  6. Naomi, it's great to know that you too have messes in your office. I've never seen your office messy but mine is beyond anything you can imagine. I told myself I was going to clean it after Christmas but it didn't happen. Any motivating tips to help me get started??

  7. HAHA - Lisa! You have no idea how bad mine gets! Often times you can't see the floor! Like most tasks that seem overwhelming, you gotta take it in little bites - fill up one grocery back with stuff to recycle, clean out one drawer, box, surface at a time or just 10 min a day, but the trick is you have to get started. Set your self a timer, if you have a TV or computer in your space put on some mindless guilty pleasure entertainment, I like Project Runway and clean during that show. You could be even more productive and listen to one of the classes from the Listening Library. I was avoiding going in my office because it was so chaotic. Now, it's under control. I kinda feel like the state of my office and my home (since my home is my workspace) reflects how I'm feeling inside. Let me know if you want to chat about it. Thanks for leaving a comment.