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Monday, June 17, 2013

I am SO EXCITED!  Today is opening session of the 2013 CTMH Convention in sunny Florida!  For those who are unable or have chosen not to attend, you can catch the excitment via all manner of social media throughout the weekend.  Check Jeanette's blog, CTMH Facebook and Twitter #vivactmh and #ctmhdreamteam and the CTMH website ad well as the countless consultant blogs.  It's not the same as being here, but it will give you a taste and I'm sure you won't want to miss it next year!

In the mean time, here is my bi-monthly blog/newletter.

Business Bit:
You are the company…

To your customer, YOU ARE the company you represent. It is your responsibility to be as knowledgeable of your company products as possible. How can you best attain that level of expertise?
  • USE the products you sell.
  • READ all materials related those products. This includes your company catalog, product description handbook and brochures included with the products
  • TRY as many of the suggested applications of the product as possible.
  • LEARN as much as you can.
    • Listen in on any company training calls.
    • Attend events that are a reasonable travel distance away for you.
    • Subscribe
      • Keep in mind - costs incurred on magazine subscriptions that are business related are a tax deduction
      • There are many websites that offer free emails on business related topics, either general or specific to your product
  • NETWORK with other consultants in your company. Some companies offer so many products that it might not be possible to own and use all of them. However, collecting stories from other consultants as to how they are using some of the products is also helpful in building your base of expertise
Remember, to customers at a party, YOU are the company. YOU are the expert. Your knowledge, expertise and attitude towards them will cement a lasting relationship that will keep them coming back and referring others to you. THAT is the basis for a strong and lucrative business.

Copyright 2013 by The Success Factory All Rights Reserveds
One  of the points made by our keynote speaker at Leadership Day was that  each of us is also the reputation oF CTMH in the eyes of out customers.  It is our responsibility to represent CTMH in the BEST way we can.   

What do I do with all of my old Idea Books?

With the release of the Fall/Winter Idea book TODAY the Spring/Summer Idea Books can find new life as marketing materials beginning August 1st.  Leave them at places people wait, such as doctor's and dentist's offices, schools, hair and nail salons, car repair places (they often are lacking reading materials that interest women).   Here are a couple of clever poems from the CTMH bulletin board you can print out and attach to the cover.

Old Catalogs - posted by Melissa A Round

A few I got from the boards awhile ago . . . unfortunately I didn't note the author of the first ones:

Here’s an Idea book from a previous season!
Please look inside, and discover the reason
That tho’ some products may have changed or retired,
Our ideas can set your creativity on fire!
Browse through the pages and enjoy the sight
Of ways to Scrap or Stamp to your heart’s delight.
Then use your email or phone to contact me
And the newest Idea Book is yours for FREE!
different ending:
Browse through the pages and ENJOY THE SIGHTS --
Then use your email or phone to contact me
And the newest Idea Book is yours for FREE!
Another one:
Though this date on this Idea Book may be old-
Just look inside and you'll be sold.
Many great products you will see-
Just call to learn how to get some FREE!

By Deanna (Lynn) Olsen

Shout Outs -
Congratulations to the Convention Year 2013 Top Ten's
                              Team Builders
  1. Briana Bostick                    Senior Director                 75          
  2. Dr. Phil Wilhelm                Executive Director            57          
  3. Noreen Petty                    Executive Director             44     
  4. Amy Raftery                       Director                              31          
  5. Michele Rowley                Senior Director                  25          
  6. Debi Thomas                      Manager                            21          
  7. Sue Rodriguez                   Manager                             16          
Linda Sturdivant               Director                               13           Tie for 8th
Helen Onulak                     Senior Ex Manager           13          
Kathy Markloff                  Senior Ex Director             11           Tie for 9th
Lynn Como                         Senior Director                 11          
Christina Eisenhour         Senior Director                  11          
Lisa Merrill                          Senior Ex Manager          11          
Rebecca Cameron           Supervisor                           11          
Sharon Esau                       Manager                            10           Tie for 10th
Linda Norman                    Manager                           10          

                           Personal Sales
  1. Lynn Como           Senior Director                  $84,259.63
  2. Noreen Petty        Executive Director            $65,910.45
  3. Dr. Phil Wilhelm   Executive Director            $50,246.17
  4. Allisa Chilton         Supervisor                         $35,945.07
  5. Debi Squires          Supervisor                         $32,932.17
  6. Krista Hershberger    Director                        $32,069.02
  7. Judy Larsen             Supervisor                       $30,078.08
  8. Briana Bostick      Senior Director                 $29,068.42
  9. Amy McGrew        Director                            $25,434.71
  10. Elisabeth Weaver   Executive Manager      $24,568.71
                                                    Team Sales
  1. Kathy Markloff                 Senior Ex Director             $1,960,928.59     Krafty Kritters
  2. Wendy Mulreaney          Senior Ex Director             $1,356,445.48     Awesome Achievers
  3. Susan Tomaino                Senior Director                       $476,616.21        Tomaino Patch
  4. Lynn Como                       Senior Director                       $466,234.99        Coastal Stars
  5. Noreen Petty                    Executive Director                 $416,914.82        Scrappin' Chatters
  6. Linda Caler                                           Director                $412,835.85        World Wide Stampettes
  7. Dr. Phil Wilhelm                Executive Director                $283,765.18        Dr. Phil's Family
  8. Christina Eisenhour         Senior Director                       $273,616.61        Memories in Motion
  9. Ginni Candelaria              Senior Director                        $189,507.41        Happy Hearts
  10. Briana Bostick                  Senior Director                        $165,562.12        Scrappers with Spirit
 Creative Corner:
It's always a sad time to review the retired product list. This time there were was only one stamp set that I was really sad to see retire and that is Salutation Seals - it has become one of my "go to" stamp sets.  The other item is the Large Paper Pouches.  I was waiting until after convention to share an awesome mini album project using the large paper pouches that was taught by Nancy Reding at our Oregon Team Meeting.  I made one for each of my first downline who attending convention so they can preserve and share the wonderful time they had.  This project uses 3 Large Paper Pouches, holds 10 photos and costs about $1.50 in materials.  It makes a wonderful customer workshop project.   If you'd like the instructions, email me at
Cover  - not our ribbon but it coordinates so nicely!

The B&T is from Studio J!  It's a Studio J exclusive paper called Splash Zone.  I put the paper into the "no limits" pattern and ordered it.  On some of the books I printed out the jpg.  This is Pages 1 and 2

pages 3 and 4

Back Cover

Inserts that pull out of each of the paper pouches.  The stamp on the pull tab is from the Mexican Riviera Cruise Set
Here is a card from my July workshop. - last chance to use Claire  (Claire is out of stock now)

Quote of the Week:

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