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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Todays message is a bit of this and a dab of that.....

Celebrating Successes:
First, I'd like to start with a "shout out" to Elaine Hagebush of San Ramon, CA and welcome her new team member, Beth! 

Business Tip of the Day:
I was cruising the CTMH bulletin board and came across this clever idea.  Now I've heard of many ways to use our awesome stamps in my 20 years with CTMH, but this one is a new one!

Stamps - a new way to use them -  Sheila Bennett  from Olathe, Kansas writes:
Just got an email from a customer who wanted to let me know that she used her stamps during her Thanksgiving get-together with friends and family. She wanted a way to mark the glasses that everyone was drinking from. So, she simply used some of the smaller stamps and stuck them to the glasses. She said the smaller stamps worked best, as they 'wrapped' better than larger/longer stamps. She said they stuck well even though the glasses are textured in some areas.

Sounds like a great, quick, and easy way to mark glasses. And it didn't take her any time at all. Simply peel the stamp off the sheet and stick it to a glass. lol

What a great way to do some steath marketing and start a conversation about CTMH at your holiday parties!

Creative Tip of the Day:
Have you had a chance to play with the new Wings Workshops on the Go kit yet?  There is a new creative tool that has been added to our line of Embellishment supplies called the Spray Pen.
Many of you, this includes me, looked at the instructions and were unable to find the "recipe" to make the shimmering spray.  Here it is:

Mix 4 drops of Create-a-Shade Pearl Paint, 6 drops of re-inker, then fill with water to the 9th line from the bottom of the spray pen.   Be sure to clean the pen after each use.  Rinse well and spray the pen with water until it comes out clear.  This will keep the pen from clogging with dry paint.


Another creative thought:
As we make the transition to the new Bi-annual idea book, we are without the huge variety of B&T that we all are accustom to and love.  This gives us the opportunity to really showcase our incredible stamp designs and coordinating cardstock and inks.  Challenge yourself to go back to basics and create artwork using only cardstock and inks!  Here are some examples.  
Connected Hearts 2011 Team Meeting Dates:
All members of Naomi Smith’s 1st -5th Downline are welcome!

CTMH Team Builders SLC, UT – January 13-15
Oregon Team Meeting   Salem, OR – January 29th 
Washington Team Meeting -Kent, WA – February 26th
CTMH/ Karen Morris LeaderShare – Las Vegas, NV  March 19th
Oregon Team Meeting   Salem, OR – April 16th 
CTMH/Kathy Markloff LeaderShare – Philadelphia, PA  April 30th
Washington Team Meeting  -Kent, WA – May 21st
CTMH National Convention Anaheim, CA  July 13-16
Oregon Team Meeting   Salem, OR – July 30th 
Washington Team Meeting -Kent, WA – August 27th
Oregon Team Meeting   Salem, OR – October 22nd  
Washington Team Meeting -Kent, WA – November 12th

Questions  -  Contact me:
Phone – 253-639-2708


  1. I love the idea for the wine glasses but I'd be too worried I would lose them.

    Do you still do swaps for your team meetings? If so, can I send cards? How many and is there a theme?

    Wish I could just fly back home for all of them!

  2. Betsy - If we used the stamps from one of the incentive sets we wouldn't mind so much if one got lost since we bought them to give away anyway :o)

    Yes, we do still do swaps and you can send cards. I'll post the theme as well as the details of the meetings as they get closer. Thanks for asking! I wish you could be here too. Maybe you can start you own gathering of consultants in your area.