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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Balanced Life.....

Before I attended Team Builders, each attendee was asked to fill out a questionnaire about our CTMH business.  One of the things we were asked to talk about was our strengths and weaknesses.  My number one weakness is finding the balance between my work and personal life.  The past couple of weeks have been a case in point.  I think this happens to many in this business, especially after returning with a "high" from attending corporate event.  We get so jazzed up that we go home and work ourselves on overdrive, get burned out, take a break and don't get back to it until the next event.  I have been so excited about all the new papers, stamps and accessories in the new Idea Book as well as reaching for my new goals I have spent 60+ hours per week in my office working since returning from Team Builders.  This week, I need to try to find that elusive "balanced state".   If any of you know a good way to create balance, I'd appreciate it if you could share it with me :o)  Any ideas you send me, I'll be sure to share.

Here are some to start with:
1. Create office set hours - mine are Tues and Thursday's from 8 am-1pm but I work much more that just these hours.
2. Prioritize daily and weekly tasks - I need to add in time with my husband and to do my cardio and move those up the priority list.
3. Schedule work tasks - I need to sit down and do this!  At lease my blog is scheduled for Tuesdays

Help me add to this list........

Shout-outs: 2011 has started out with a BANG!!!

Top 5 All levels for Personal Sales for January:

3rd Downline Director - Lynn Como had AMAZING sales of $8590.01!
4th Downline Ex Manager - Helen Onulak $6158.58
2nd Downline Director - Susan Tomaino $3282.90
1st Downline Director - Christina Eisenhour $2889.23
3rd Downline Supervisor - Debi Squires  $2620.25

Top 1st Downline Recruiters in January 1 - February 8th: Congratulations and welcome to the team!

Ginni Candelaria  recruited Renea Oravetz
Jackie Bluhm recruited Melissa Kubitz
Kathy Markloff recruited Angel Villers
Linda Sturdivant recruited Liza Garibaldi
Peggy Rhone recruited Debbi Bussell
Wanda Riley recruited Mary Ritter

Top Studio J Layouts Purchased so far:

2nd Downline Noreen Petty has made and purchased and incredible 169 layouts!
4th Downline Lorraine McKinney - 141 layouts
1st downline Linda Caler - 120 layouts

I love how you have embraced Studio J!  It's definitely beautiful scrapbooking made Faster, Simpler and Easier.

Team Meeting News:
The Washington team meeting is coming up on February 26th here at my home.  10 Am - 1 PM.  Those who live in Washington, watch your inbox for the details.  The swap will be anything NEW, new stamps and papers.  Make 6.  Everyone is invited to participate.  You can mail them to me with a SASE and I'll mail back to you.

Art Inspired: Here is a great example of how you can find inspiration in everyday things.  Be on the the lookout for patterns or color combinations that can help you when you find yourself creatively challenged.
I took my color combo and circular design cue from this mailer
Here is the finished "gift box" gift card holder 
This was my swap for my LeaderShare with the theme of "back to basics" just cardstock, inks and accessories - no B&T
 Quote of the week:
"Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they've got a second. Give your dreams all you've got and you'll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you."
William James

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  1. Love your inspiring blog! My goal this year is to intentionally recruit. :) 3 more by Convention.