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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Would You Describe Success in 5 Words?

Many people talk about success and want to be successful, but I bet every person defines success differently. For some being successful might mean achieving financial abundance, whereas others might consider a life full of joy and happiness as the true meaning of success.
Have you ever thought about what success means to you? What 5 words would you use to describe it?
The only person that can answer the above question properly is YOU. As much as I wanted to give you an ultimate definition of success, I cannot do it, simply because it does not exist.
To me success means ‘completion’ and ‘fulfillment of my potential’. And Goal Setting is a big part of it. It is that feeling of satisfaction that you get knowing they are the best they can be. It is that inner happiness that comes when you have found your place in the world and are moving in the right direction.
But I do not want to condition you by talking about my own definition of success. I would much rather learn about yours.
If you have never given yourself time to think what success means to you, now is a good time to start. Because once you have figured out what is important to you personally you will be able to focus on your visions and goals.

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Weekly Shout-Outs:
This week, I'd like to recognize and welcome this weeks newest team members as well as congratulate their uplines!
DLLevelConsultant NameDate Signed UpCityState/ProvinceUpline Name
Level 2Kim Landuyt02/21/2011VACAVILLECALinda Sturdivant
Level 2Tena Lengacher02/15/2011BREMERTONWALisa Sargent
Level 2Wendy Bennett02/20/2011ESCONDIDOCALisa Sargent
Level 3Ann Lounsberry02/20/2011GILLETTEWYSusan Brooks
Level 3Annemarie Wright02/21/2011NEW PORT RICHEYFLMarie Roberts
Level 3Holly Maahs02/14/2011MCMINNVILLEORJanet Nalley
Level 3Nita Stafford02/14/2011NEW PORT RICHEYFLDebbi Harden-Young
Level 3Sandy Stowers02/21/2011MOUNT JULIETTNDebbie Lawson
Level 4Cheryl Hunsberger02/15/2011NORRISTOWNPAWynne Thomas
Level 4Di DeCota02/21/2011DEERFIELDNHBriana Bostick
Level 5Karen Ruiz02/17/2011CAMERONNCLaurie Newton
Level 5Lannette Cloutier02/15/2011PittstonMEJennifer Kelley
Level 5Pam Hutson02/16/2011GREENCASTLEINCindy Gambill

Creative Corner:  Here is a little project I did for a customer workshop this month. 

Directions:  I used Sweetheart Bulk B&T with the black side up.  Follow the directions VERY carefully step by step in order don't be temped to skip ahead!


Inside page 1-2

Inside - page 3-4


Quote of the week:
If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all.”- Anna Quindlen

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