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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Choice or Luck? Determining Your Direct Selling Success

Every day you make choices.  Some big – some small – some are easy and some are hard. Some are scary and some are fun. You can say “yes” or “no” to every opportunity that is presented. The choice is yours.
The choices that you make on a daily basis affect the outcome of your successes in your direct selling business and your life. Your choices can also affect your attitude which sometimes affects other choices you make.
Have you ever thought about how many choices you make every single day?
Life is all about choices and in your CTMH business, because you are your own boss, you choose if, when and how many hours you invest.
You can choose to make recruiting, booking and customer care calls or you can choose to watch TV, go shopping or do nothing. You can choose to hold 1 gathering or 12 every month. You can choose to attend a Team or Corporate event or you can choose to miss it and wonder why your business isn’t where you want it to be.  You can choose to set expectations, create strategies to achieve them, dream dreams, and make it happen. Or you can choose to sit back and watch others achieve their expectations, live their dreams and make the choices that create the life they want to live and say, “Wow they are lucky!”
I agree with Thomas Jefferson when he said, “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” I believe that you make your own luck by the choices that you make and the time you are willing to invest to achieve your expectations.
When you need to make a choice, ask yourself the following questions:
  • What’s the worst thing that can happen if I do this?
  • What’s the best thing that can happen if I do this?
  • Am I willing to invest the time to make this the best decision for me?
  • Will this move me forward so that I will achieve my expectations?
These questions can help you decide if what you want to do will be worth the outcome or if you should find another way.
Some people choose not to choose. But that really is a choice too. It’s the same as saying, “No”.
Some people let others choose for them. The reality is they made the initial decision to let their choices be made for them.
Having the direct selling business success that you desire is like a sporting event. You can choose to sit in the bleachers and watch others play the game and say, “Wow they are lucky.” Or you can choose to actively participate, play the game full out and make your own luck. It is your choice.
Article by Martha Stanley -Direct Selling Success Trainer, Speaker, Author and a Home Party Plan Business Coach

Shout- Outs:

Congratulation to the following ladies who will be attending the first ever Studio J Boot Camp with me!
Almost 1/3 of the attendees will be part of our Team!  Congratulations for embracing Studio J! 

Linda Caler
Lisa Combs
Amy McGrew
Amy Ulen
Noreen Petty
Allisa Chilton
Christine David
Lynn Como
Helen Onulak
Sarita Schraeder
Vicki Ibaugh

Several of you have asked who will be attending Kathy Markloff's LeaderShare in King of Prussia, PA
I will!  plus the following 69 team members.  Congratulations to Kathy for the amazing response and hard work to put this together!
Jessica Ballas
Marvel J Carrol
Sue Ashman
Angel Villers
Betsy Fusco
Eileen Black-Rodriguez
Elaine Novak
Elizabeth Locco
Joyce Houck
Lisa Caracci
Nancy Brown
Patricia Weisenbach
Penny Yuditsky
Renee Wichert
Wendy Vogel-Vineis
Arlene Amo Hopps
Caren Goldstein
Crystal Davis
Estelle Kerestus
Jean Murphy
Jennifer Steigerwalt
Jill Bechtel
Jolene Barron
Karrie Mooney
Katherine Frase
Kathleen Lichtner
Krista Hershberger
Kristen Cabral
Lynn Como
Melissa Lightner
Michon Benic
Pat Hawkins
Sarina Sweeney
Stacey Rogers
Stephanie Brown
Wynne Thomas
Alison Tunison
Bernie Bolton
Brenda Rutt
Edna Friman
Helen Onulak
Judy Larsen
Kathy Corson
Laurie Newton
Linda Huffman
Lucy Marino
Pamala Todd
Sarah Harrington
Sheri Reiff
Tammy Barnhart
Wendy Stricker
Aimee Williams
Amy McCue
Anna Fithian
Carla Kennedy
Gennette Feagan
Jeanie Burch
Kathy McCunney
Kathy Wilcox
Kimberly Tighe
Lisa Cleveland
Lisa Sweet
Lynn VanVerth
Nickie Hoffer
Nicole Griggs
Sasha Gardner
Stephanie Huber
Suzanne Yee Gaffney
Vicki Melhuish

Creative Corner:
Washington Team meeting Swap:
Top left - Tracie Cassidy. Top right - Lisa Combs
Bottom left - Lisa Sargent, Bottom right - Carol Thompson

Easter Basket from my March workshop features the Stamp of the Month - Sensational Season
Colored in with watercolor pencils and blending pen.  Email me for directions

More Studio J - I must confess the Olivia was my least favorite paper packet from the last
catalog.  But for this set of photos from Southern Utah, it was perfect!
Quote of the Week:

“Every choice moves us closer to or farther away from something.
Where are your choices taking your life?
What do your behaviors demonstrate that you are saying yes or no to in life?”
Eric Allenbaugh

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