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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

 Blogging blind!  Due to poor scheduling on my part, I am a bit blind this evening.  I scheduled my annual eye exam for this afternoon and my eyes are still dilated so I am having difficulty seeing the screen.  Hopefully my spellchecker will catch my typos.  And, on another personal note, I have added a new fashion accessory, a bit of bling to my smile.  To fix my TMJ (a messed up jaw), at the age of 51, I have braces!  Let me tell you, I have much more sympathy for tweenagers.  My eye doctor teased me a bit and let me know that because of my age, it will take me much longer to adjust.  So for now, I'm eating like a toddler, squishy stuff!   Boy would I LOVE a juicy burger......

Message for the week:  Thanks to Dana Swadling for recommending "The Success Factory".  This was today's message that I'd like to pass on to you.

 Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
OK, so I don’t know if this title matches the subject, but it got your attention right?  
The subject today is discounting. Do you regularly give “deals” to your customers? Perhaps you do and perhaps you don’t. Some companies absolutely, positively will not allow discounting products. However as independent consultants, we are just that…independent and not employees. Therefore, for the most part, we do have the ability to give discounts if we choose. Here are some points to consider: 
1) Discounting to your customers regularly can give the message that you feel like your product is too expensive. Is that the impression that you want to leave? 
2) Why would someone host a party with you if they can purchase your products marked down very frequently? 
3) Why would someone join your company if you give them the discount they would receive as a consultant?           
4) Most importantly, at the end of the year, will your bank account be overdrawn because you discounted so much that you made less money than you should have and couldn’t pay your bills?

We call it the Kohl’s mentality. Be honest, do you ever shop at Kohl’s when there’s NOT a sale? Food for thought, wouldn’t you agree?  Naomi's note:  Do you ever go to Joann's, Michael's, Hobby Lobby etc. without that 40% off coupon you clipped from the paper, got in the mail or printed from their websites?

Shout Outs:  Welcome to the newest Connected Hearts team members and CONGRATULATIONS to the Uplines!
Consultant NameDate Signed UpUpline Name
Renee Textor03/01/2011Janis Purves
Sherry Jackson03/02/2011Connie Schafer
Stacy Vanderlip03/04/2011Ginni Candelaria *
Jackie Martinez03/06/2011Jill Lemons
Vanessa Gardner03/08/2011Katrina Anderson*
Nancy Stabler03/10/2011Lynn Como
Oni Brewer03/11/2011Cynthia Laughinghouse*
Amber Doty03/11/2011Briana Bostick
Tannile Ortiz03/11/2011Pamela Royster
Teresa Druen03/11/2011Briana Bostick
Teri Gutermuth03/11/2011Dr. Phil Wilhelm
Angie Ellis03/13/2011Dr. Phil Wilhelm
Alice Umstead03/15/2011Michon Benic
Alicia Fajardo03/15/2011Melody Paulishak
Desiree Chapman03/17/2011Linda Sturdivant*
Joan Firestone03/17/2011Janet Nalley
Nancy Womersley03/18/2011Karen Varcoe
Jenna O'Connor03/20/2011Deborah Little
Amber Frey03/20/2011Sarah McLean
Casey Asher03/21/2011Shelly Edwards
Debbie Darcy03/23/2011Tina Lovell*
Karen Westfall03/26/2011Kimberly Derico
Robin Henson03/27/2011Helen Onulak
* denoted my1st downline

Creative Corner: More LeaderShare Art

This super cute cupcake photo holder and card is by Bren Yule.  This was her swap entry!
The bottom is pleated cardstock around a peat pot filled with plaster of Paris.
The frosting is our Pink Ribbon Roses pinned to  1/2 a Styrofoam ball.

This swap card is by Joy McHargue

Operation Smile Donation - Altered Bulletin Board by Denise Anderson Turley

Swap cards - left by Penny Crabtree, right by Denise Anderson Turley 

This amazing canvas art piece by Bren Yule was another Operation Smile donation.
Notice the paper piecing is all CTMH papers.  It is decoupaged onto a canvas
Paper Box "Cake" Operation Smile Donation. - I can't remember who made this, if you know please leave me a comment so I
can give proper kudos.
top left - a gift from Karen Morris - covered box of Mike and Ikes.  The medallion is from a Tim Hotz die for the Big Shot
the mini heart chalkboard is from Michael's bargain bin.
top right - swap card by Carol Thompson
bottom left - swap card by Eileen Windsor     bottom right - swap card by Jennifer Rubio

Quote of the Week:
Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders.
- Tom Peters

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