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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do You Have An Emergency Plan For Your CTMH Business?

As you know, I spend time each week reading business articles.  I ran across this one that I found to be VERY important.  We have many time sensitive matters in our businesses that can greatly affect our status and income.  I would encourage you to come up with an emergency plan of your own.

As I was at the hospital today visiting a friend, it made me ponder how many people in network marketing have a back-up plan. While my friend is going to be okay, she had a few days of being unable to respond to everyday questions.

We don’t always think about the many ways we are involved in our business. I’d like to offer some things to consider:

1. Does someone know your email password? If you were suddenly unavailable, is there someone who could answer business questions that came in? You might consider using an away message that is easily put into place should you become unavailable. Show someone living in your home how to put up this away message. It will let writers know that you’re unavailable and will return their email the following week. This allows a week for you and or your family to make a new plan.

2. If you have an order in transport, is there someone who knows where to find your receipts or order forms so that your shipment gets taken care of? Consider a system in Excel where you put the date the order was placed and the date you’re expecting the order to come in. If you keep this spreadsheet right on your desktop, it’s easy to find for your family. Consider keeping a list of the products ordered either with the spreadsheet or a hard copy right on your desk.

3. Does someone know how to check your voice mail messages for customer leads or business leads? Do they know what to do with these leads once they come in? I’d like to suggest that your family consider calling the people back and telling them that while you’ll be just fine, you are out ill for a few days and will call them back as soon as possible.

4. Does someone know who your upline is and how to reach your upline? Right on your computer desktop, keep a phone list containing your upline’s name and phone number and your companies name and phone number. I actually have a company folder on my desktop that contains this information.

5. Do you have a company website page? Does it need to be checked? My company email happens to be associated with my company page. I know not all companies operate this way. Is this website password protected? Does someone have the password to the site? Again, I suggest someone answering any correspondence by saying you’re unavailable for a few days and will answer them upon your return. You might even pre-write something today that your family could use for both your personal email and your company email should you become suddenly unavailable.

These are just five ways to keep your business running should you fall ill and not be home to take care of your business. Create a plan that works for you and your family and then let them know what to do so that your business stays afloat in your absence.

February Top 5 Personal Sales                                February Top 5 Team Sales
Lynn Como - $11,267.37                                             Kathy Markloff - $197,170.98
Helen Onulak - $4,232.40                                            Wendy Vogel-Vineis - $105,950.70
Krista Hershberger - $4,062.34                                    Lynn Como - $49,222.94
Briana Bostick - $4,012.80                                          Susan Tomaino - $47,977.84
Dr. Phil Wilhelm - $2,752.94                                       Linda Caler - $30,101.92                        

February Top Recruiters: We added an amazing 79 new team members!  Fantastic job to all who took advantage of the February Constant Campaign!
Each of these consultants added 3 new members to their teams: 
Christine David
Dalene Wells
Lynn Como
Kathy Markloff
Kim Davis
Krista Hershberger
Linda Sturdivant

Washington Team Meeting Artwork:
We had a really awesome team meeting on Saturday!   An incoming snow storm threatened to cancelled it, but luckily the weather held off.   Thank you so much to each and everyone of you who attended.  It's the group that makes it such a success.  Here is some of the beautiful artwork from the meeting.   

Christine David's C&Tproject from our Washington
Team Meeting.  See her blog (link is on the
right side of my blog) for paper flower directions

Mary Thomas - Swap card

I told the group to bring whatever papers they wanted.  It is fun to see the project
with a variety of colors and B&T's
This is my project for the meeting C&T
If you'd like the directions, email me!

Swap contest 2nd Place
Carol Thompson
Miracle with April SOTM 
                                     Swap contest winner!  Christine David Paper flower pin
More art photos to come next week!

Quote of the Week:

  "It's our attitude in life that determines life's attitude toward us."
Earl Nightingale

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