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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

I am writing this post as the last one one of 2011 - I'm going off the grid for some sun and surf.  How many of you have a "bucket list"?   Many of you may be much too young to be thinking of such things...(wow, do I sound old or what??)  This month I'm going to cross one thing off of my bucket list.  After decades of caring and doing for family and volunteering working behind the scenes of 20 seasons of The Nutcracker, I'm taking the year off. 
I'm headed to the warm beaches of Hawaii with my dear husband  to celebrate our 30th anniversary and his birthday (which has not been properly celebrated in 20 years since I've spent them at the ballet.)  For years, I've wondered what it would be like to spend Christmas in Hawaii.  I hope I don't sound like Mr. Scrooge!  My kids are both married and this is their chance to make their own traditions.   I want to take a moment to wish each of you a wonderful Christmas and much happiness in 2012!

Here is another awesome article from The Success Factory!  This time of year, we can get a bit overwhelmed with all that fills our daily lives.  The start of a new year is a great time to re-evaluate things and set new goals.  Please let your upline know how we can be of assistance to you.

Subject: Fear of success??

Janie writes…
I think I am afraid of success.  I'm not good at following thru with prospective customers because I'm afraid they may think the product is too expensive.  I also tend to not go after new people cold because the product may be too expensive.

I'm also having trouble with my branch leader and National Sales Leader so I have no support system and am to the point I just don't care if I ever sell anything.  What can I do to turn this around????
                                    Thank you.

Dear Janie – 
Thank you for your question. It was a good one and one that others I’m sure have struggled with. The fact that you are analyzing your issues with your home business shows me that you are still interested in being successful despite your comments about not caring if you ever sell anything. Your willingness to be transparent is commendable!

I don’t really think that you are afraid of success. I suspect that you are not completely sold yourself on the value of the product that you are selling. I say this because twice in a very short email you mention that you think that your product is too expensive. (I have to tell you, I am a huge fan of your product and have a large collection. I totally think that every penny I’ve spent has been well worth it because my products from your company still look like brand new despite tons of use – and many of my products are 15 years old or older!)

Our years of experience in direct sales, has shown us at TSF that the belief system of a consultant becomes the belief system of her customers. In other words, if you believe that your products are too expensive – you are somehow, whether you realize it or not, projecting that belief to your customers. Some consultants think that a shipping charge is too high or difficult to pass on to customers…that too will be reflected back to them by their customers. 

So, your job is to do some homework. Read everything you can from your company that explains how your product is made, what the guarantee is, what the history of your company is…etc. Do whatever homework you need to do so that you have the knowledge base to understand WHY your company’s price point is where it is. Knowledge is power!

Secondly, in our business we are able to offer our products either FREE or at a discount. NO retail environment can give you that opportunity. Whether you are purchasing multi-media equipment, fine china, or clothing – unless the store is offering a sale – or you are buying via an auction situation such as E-Bay, you can’t get things free or discounted just by hosting a party or becoming a consultant. So, I ask you, are you offering the business opportunity or hostess opportunity to everyone who tells you your price is too high?

True story – I had a team member who had a customer smugly tell her she’d just purchased one of our $30.00 products at a garage sale for $5.00. The consultant was totally honest and sincere as she looked the woman straight in the eye and responded, “Oh, I am so sorry about that. I could have gotten it for you for FREE!”  (I LOVE this!!!)

Finally, I don’t know what problems you are having with the women in your support system. However, I would ask you to honestly analyze how you have communicated your specific needs to them. What could they do differently that might help you? An upline’s measure of success is directly based on how successful her downlines become. Remember, your leaders can’t read minds and so it is up to you to communicate your needs clearly and concisely to them. If after doing so, you still get no results, contact your Home Office and see what suggestions they can offer. You may be able to connect with other reps in your area and attend meetings as an adoptee. But remember, your success in your business is ultimately YOUR responsibility.

The fact that you wrote us and asked for help is a great start! 

Does any of that help? Let us know what happens!

SHOUT-OUTS: Top 10 November Selling Super Stars!

3rd DL - Ex Director - Dr. Phil Wilhelm  $10,187.55  WOWEEEE!
4th DL - Consultant - Keli Shideler  $7,054.85  
3rd DL - Sr. Director - Lynn Como  $6,560.85
3rd DL - Sr. Ex. Manager - Krista Kershberger $4,187.10
3rd DL - Supervisor - Debi Squires   $2,440.00
2nd DL - Supervisor - Amy Hartle  $2,093.30
1st DL - Ex. Manager- Wanda Riley $2,084.50
2nd DL - Supervisor - Laurie Varner  $2,001.60
3rd DL - Sr. Director - Sherri Tozzi  $1,973.25
1st DL - Sr. Director - Adina Godin  $1957.10

Creative Corner:
Have you checked out the newest videos on the CTMH website?  Many of us struggle with the creative side of our businesses - figuring out what to show and teach our customers.  CTMH has given us the tools we need with quick and easy projects in the form of great demos online!

I have heard from many consultants that the Elemental Paper Packet is tough to use.  It is one of the designs that will be carried over into the next idea book.  Here is some wonderful artwork featuring Elemental done by Pamela O'Conner - and 1 from me.

This one uses one of the new Kraft diecut cards and cork letters - it's scored and folded at the bottom to form a gusset so that it stands up and can hold a small clear bag for a treat.

Christmas is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas.
                                                                                                                ~ Dale Evans~ 


  1. Enjoy Hawaii Naomi! When we lived there is was only natural to spend Christmas day at the beach before heading home to celebrate like "normal"
    Merry Christmas!
    Love Lisa

  2. Have fun spending Christmas in Hawaii. I was given this gift a few years ago and it was wonderful!

  3. Please email me! I have a question about your blog