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Monday, January 16, 2012

Where is the top of your desk…

Happy 2012 to all my CTMH friends!  I know I've been MIA for a while longer than I had planned.  My "bucket list" holiday trip to Hawaii was everything I dreamed of and much more!  I am super excited that I get to go back again in a few short weeks with my daughter on the CTMH cruise.  One thing about having your own business, like we do with CTMH is that you have to pay to play.  What I mean by that is there is so much to catch up on when you leave your business.  But it is also the ultimate luxury to be able to schedule your work to fit your life.

With that said, it leads me to a timely topic for the start of a new year.  Besides setting your goals and action plans for the coming year, another great thing is to start with a clean work space and a bit of organization.  One of the elements of my business that has always been a struggle is how to organize my accounting so I'm ready for tax time.  For years I had a gal who did my bookkeeping using Quickbooks.  A couple of years ago, she found a full time job and had to leave me :o(  I tried to learn how to use Quickbooks but it was a struggle and I messed it all up.  So, last year, I gave up and went back to my old method of a huge pile of receipts, bills and orders that I need to go through.  I'm sure by now, you're either nodding your head in understanding, laughing at me or wondering how I could be that disorganized!  As one of my 2012 goals, I am hear by telling you that I'm going to implement the following method to organize my financial files.  It comes from my very favorite website. The Success Factory. 

GET ORGANIZED! Where is the top of your desk – can you see it? Those of you who are fans of Flylady, know that she teaches skills to keeping your home organized but in bite-sized chunks beginning with a shiny kitchen sink. For a home-based business person, the “sink” is the top of your desk. 
Use small baskets or clear containers to group and organize CD’s, pens, and tablets of paper. File away bills and receipts for 2011. Put your 2011 files in a banker’s box with a lid so that you will be ready to prepare your taxes. Establish new file folders for 2012 using the same categories as you did for 2011.
If you need ideas for filing categories for this year – consider the following.
*One file folder for each month January – December (use these to file your party and sales receipts
* Alphabetically have file folders for business receipts in the following categories:
            Advertising & Promotion
            Auto Expense/Mileage
            Bank Statements/Charges
            Business Gifts
            Child Care Expense
            Continuing Education
            Credit Card Statements
            Home Office Expense
            Meals and Entertainment
            Office Supplies/Printing
            Travel Expenses
            Miscellaneous Receipts

Take a quick trip to the office supply store if you haven’t already. Make sure you have a 2012 calendar, a new spiral notebook to use as a 2012 phone log, a fresh phone message pad, file folders, labels and flash drive or CDs for backing up your computer files.

Leave me a comment and share how you keep your work space and files organized.

The year has gotten off to an incredible start!  Our extended team has grown by 20 new team members since December 1st!  I'd like to give a warm welcome to the newest members and congratulations to the leaders for growing your teams.  January is such a great time to recruit.  Many have a need for extra money to pay off holiday bills and it's the start of a new catalog so the kit is full of all new products. 

DLLevel Consultant Name Date Signed Up State/Province Upline Name
Level 1 Linda Sower 01/05/2012 WA Naomi Smith
Level 2 Jackelyn Johnson 01/12/2012 MO Christina Eisenhour
Level 2 Judy Mason 01/14/2012 MD Linda Caler
Level 2 Kim Hall 01/04/2012 TX Adina Godin
Level 2 Linda Pantalone 12/01/2011 OR Tina Lovell
Level 2 Linda Van Ness 01/02/2012 KS Linda Caler
Level 2 Sarah Baker 01/02/2012 TX Adina Godin
Level 2 Susan Lennon 01/07/2012 WA Lisa Sargent
Level 2 Tisha Grindley 01/06/2012 WA Lisa Combs
Level 3 Amy Coursey 01/06/2012 TX Noreen Petty
Level 3 Kelly Herrera 01/11/2012 AR Patricia Ervin
Level 3 Laura Johnston 01/08/2012 TX Noreen Petty
Level 3 Lisa Florian 01/01/2012 TX Noreen Petty
Level 3 Roberta Gould 12/02/2011 WA Rebecca Cameron
Level 3 Sarah Bernardo 01/04/2012 TX Stephanie Turlich
Level 3 Valerie Hudson 01/11/2012 PA Debbi Harden-Young
Level 4 Jennifer Willcox 01/13/2012 Dr. Phil Wilhelm
Level 4 Louise Golicic 01/11/2012 FL Venia Joray
Level 4 Maggie Lemke 01/08/2012 TX Linda Norman
Level 4 Tarrah Vaupel 12/21/2011 IL Dr. Phil Wilhelm

For those who live in Washington and Oregon, I hold regular team meetings that are open to my 1-4th downline.  Here is the schedule dates for 2012:

Oregon Team Meeting   Salem, OR – February 18th   
Washington Team Meeting -Kent, WA –March 31st 
Oregon Team Meeting   Salem, OR – July 28th   
Washington Team Meeting -Kent, WA – August 18th
Oregon Team Meeting   Salem, OR – November 10th  
Washington Team Meeting -Kent, WA – December 1st 

I have a 2 page retire list document for February 2012.  If you'd like a copy, email me and I'll send it to you.

I spent the past week, organizing my office and purging all of the retired product from my creative space.  I am trying to figure out a system to make it quicker and easier to do this.  I have decided to put a small label on my stamp sets and paper packets when I get them that tells me when they were new to the catalog.  I put  a SS2012 label on all my newest sets and papers.  It's interesting that I have so few stamp sets left.  It feels good and a bit sad to let go of some old favorites.

Below is a photo of my January Card Class artwork.  The Rock the Block LOVE Card is by Vicki Wizniuk with a tiny tweak by me.   

I am SO excited to start using all the newest stamps, papers and accessories that are in the Spring/Summer Idea book!
  Leave me a comment and share what your favorite paper packet is.
In absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia.
Author Unknown


  1. Right now my favorite has got to be Stella!! I dug right in after unpacking my order!

    They are all great and I can't wait to dig into the others soon as well!

  2. Thanks for posting the tips for getting organized. That is one of my goals for this year, as well.

    My favorite is a toss-up between Superhero & Cruisin'!