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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Now is the BEST time....and Convention TEAM PARTY!

I'd like to wish all you Moms a Happy Mother's Day!  The day is still bitter sweet for me as I lost my amazing Mom 3 years ago.  I treasure her memory and the legacy she left through her scrapbooks.  It reminds me of the importance of what we do and offer our customers.  I hope you share your passion for memory keeping and paper crafting with those in your life!

I have begun planning and preparing for another FUN and FABULOUS Convention Team Party along with my upline, Karen Morris and sidelines, Julie Reynolds and Kimberly Moss.  Here are the details we have to share thus far:

Date: Wednesday June 26th
Time: 7:30-9:30 pm with special contest judging at 8:30
Place: Parlor Suite

Complete details will be sent to all convention attendees when we finalize our plans. 
Get Your Degree by May 31

As previously announced, the last day to earn your Training Academy degree is May 31, 2013, at which time the Training Academy will be closed. We will still make the courses available, but no degrees will be offered for completion of the courses. If earning a Training Academy degree is a goal of yours, be sure to complete it before the end of the month to be part of our final graduating class.

Business Bit:

Now’s the BEST time…
When we invite people to join our team, often we find that the response can be; “maybe later”… It is our job to help our prospects know why NOW, is the best time to join. Spring, in particular, can be one of the smartest times for someone to begin building a party plan business for a number of reasons…
  1. Many people have a little extra cash because they have received their income tax refunds.
  2. The kids are still in school and spring celebrations (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations and other end-of-the-school year concerts and parties) have not yet begun.
  3. The warmer weather is here. Neighbors come out of hibernation, so there are many opportunities to spread the word about a new business.
  4. It’s a great time to get that “learning curve” out of the way. As with any new endeavor, a fair amount of time is needed to “get the hang” of the ins and outs of this new home business. Things that come naturally to seasoned consultants (ie; maneuvering the company website, placing orders, calculating tax/shipping and filling out forms) are foreign to a new consultant. What better time than when things are a little less hectic to learn these new skills?
  5. Cycles of business. Seeds planted NOW, will begin to blossom and be ready for picking by the end of the 3rd and into the very lucrative 4th quarter of the year.
By inviting people to join now, you will be helping them to get their business started and be up to full speed by the fall! Use this week to re-visit some old leads or perhaps approach some new prospects and remind them why NOW is the BEST time to join CTMH!

Copyright 2013 by The Success Factory All Rights Reserved

Shout Outs:  I'm so pleased that CTMH has added a new report in Advanced Reports!  It now lists our team members that are recognized in The Ribbon!  Here are a few of the awesome achievements for April:

Top 10 in the Company -  Personal Sales:

Monthly Sales
Consultant Name
Rank:  1
Sales: $ 8296.8
Lynn Como
Rank:  2
Sales: $ 6769.85
Briana Bostick
Rank:  3
Sales: $ 5522.95
Allisa Chilton
Rank:  7
Sales: $ 4392.4
Dr. Phil Wilhelm

Straight to the Top
Level 1 achievers reached at least $300 in personal sales during their first month as a Consultant. Level 2 achievers reached at least $1,200 in personal sales during their first three months.
DL Level         
Consultant Name       
Upline Name               
Straight To The Top - Level 1
Halli Matheny
Noreen Petty
Althea Morgan
Allisa Chilton
Stacey Price
Lynn Como
Julyne Morvis
Naomi Smith
Michelle Crippen
Kathy Markloff
Sharon Ditzler
Elisabeth Weaver
Straight To The Top - Level 2
Taniesa Vlasak
Elise Mcquilliam
Alicia Petitt
Rebecca Cameron
These ambitious Consultants achieved a title promotion during the month of Apr 2013                               
            Sr Ex Manager   Lisa Merrill                              

            Manager             Sheila Tobias                          

                          Sherry Mcgill                  
                          Kris Layne                               
                          Randi Lewis                            
                          Lindsay Towner                                  
                          Jennifer Willcox                                  
                          Valerie Hudson                                   
                          Paula Schaefer                                   
                          Marie Holmes                          
                          Stephanie Brown                                
                          Teri Koden                              
                           Robin Spencer                        
                           Kim Vanderberg                                  
                           Bekki Edwards                        
                           Cindie Fischer                        
                           Dee Blackburn                        
                          Julyne Morvis                         
                           Gail Hopkins                           
                           Jami Rudd                               
                           Martina Newport                                 
                            Monzetta Hawkins                               
                            Patricia Oxender                                 
                            Mary Wood                             
                           Jessica Harding                                  
                            Veta Evans                              
                            Keara Thompson                                
                            Pat Lambert                            
                             Deb Green                              
Creative Corner:
Here is a fun find at Michael's for $6.49 they are 50% off this week - it's a 6x6 scrapbook page holder.  I thought it would be great to display cards or samples of our B&T's or embellishments.  Unfortunately our old 6x6 page protectors don't fit - the hole don't line up.  There are also 12x12 and 8x8 holders in a slightly different format.  The 8x8 is an easel style

I've been busy with preparations for our Team Party at convention.  I'm making special gifts for my 1st downline attendees so I don't have any of my own new artwork to share this week.  I thought I'd share some of my favorite artwork from other members of the team that are unique ways to use the Dream Pop paper packet.

This first one is from Michele Rowley from here in Washington.  She just returned from a trip to Japan where she found inspiration for this cute card.

Card by Michele Rowley

The two photos below were shared by Debi Squires on the CTMH Artwork board.  She used the resist technique by sponging the cardstock, she completely changed the character of the paper!  You will want to use a color that is darker than the cardstock and blends well - are next to each other on the color wheel.

By Team member, Debi Squires from Denver, CO. - as seen on the CTMH Artwork Board

I fell in love with the card below from the new Marker Magic video.  I did a "Print Screen" to capture the image.

From the Marquee Message: Marker Magic by Jill Broadbent  -watch it here:

Quote of the Week:

“To many people, minutes are like pennies – not worth picking up. But add them together and they become valuable. Instead of managing the day, try managing the minutes and see if you have more time to do the things you really want to do.”

From - How to Simplify Your Life by Kathy Peel

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  1. Hi Naomi,
    Looking forward to meeting you at Convention in my home state of Florida. My oldest daughter, Crystal and I just joined CTMH under my youngest daughter, Valerie Hudson. The three of us will be at the Convention. I own several of the displays from Michaels and love them. Great place to post flyers for workshops and notes for what you want to say during your gatherings. You see the notes and your hostess guest see the flyer.
    Go "Dream Team"