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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Business Bit: The Three "P's"

Why not you?
You might be asking why there is a football photo on my blog today and what football has to do with CTMH?  It's interesting how you can find inspiration all around you that you can use when you think about CTMH.  For those of you who aren't football fans, last Sunday was a huge deal here in Seattle.  Our football team, the Seahawks are headed to the Superbowl!  As my husband and I watched all of the pregame hype there was an interview with our 2nd year quarterback, 25 year old Russell Wilson.  He talked about how he was told that he'd never make it as a starting quarterback in the NFL because he's too short at 5' 10+.  His dad always asked him "why not, you?" which he has since turned in to "why not us?" refering to his team.  I love this young man, he has such a positive attitude even when the Seahawks lose.  He has a belief in himself and doesn't quit trying to better himself.  Russell was asked about other things he learned from his dad and he shared that his Dad taught him the 3 "P's"  Purpose, Perspective and Perserverance.

I thought, what great words these were and that can be applied to most anything in life including CTMH!

Purpose - Have a goal, why did you sign up as a consultant?  What keeps you moving forward?  Is it for the discount, the monetary income, to be a leader, recognition, friendship, trips, as a way to meet new people and share a craft?  What do you want to accomplish in the coming year? 

Perspective - are your goals in line with the reality of your daily life?  Are you willing and able to do what it takes to reach your goal?

Perserverance - I have been asked my best advice for a new consultant and my answer is simple - There will be challenges so - be consistent, do your best and above all don't quit! 

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