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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Business Bit: The Power Hour! Creative Corner

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Business Bit: How to Get a LOT Done In Just 1 Hour a Day!

Have you ever found yourself working so hard, and at the end you feel like you haven't accomplished anything? Sometimes I find myself looking back on a full day of work and I think, "I can't name one thing I fully completed!" How frustrating! Here's a trick to getting a lot accomplished in just an hour a day. It's called the Power Hour. I know it sounds like a high intensity work out, but in reality it's a concentrated and well managed hour of your day! 

You can build a great business by working (only) 13 hours a week.":
"Every day (or five days a week) spend one 'Power Hour.' The first 15 minutes, spend the time making hostess-related calls: hostess coaching and setting up shows. The second 15 minutes, spend the time making team building-related calls: following up on recruit leads or calling someone you met at a show who would be great doing what you do.

"The last half-hour, spend the time servicing what you did the first half-hour: sending out hostess packets or recruiting information. Then spend two evenings per week doing shows. If management is a goal, [simply double your efforts] by spending two 'Power Hours.'"

Here is how the Power HourTM works.

One hour of the day and divide it into four 15-minute increments.

During the first 15 minutes, discipline yourself to only work on the topic at hand, no matter what. Your topic could be "booking calls" or "customer service calls." The point is, you spend that 15-minute time frame only making booking calls or customer service calls.

Then you go on to the next topic and spend 15 minutes on that topic. The next 15 minutes, move on to the next topic, and so on. If you're a manager, you may want to increase your time spent to half-hour increments instead of 15 minutes.

To help you get organized, take four manila folders, and label them with the four topics that need your attention. These could be: "Booking Leads," "Recruiting Leads," "Customer Service" and "Personal Development and Growth." This 15 minutes could be reserved for going to The Success ExpressTM site for ideas and motivation, or to print articles from the site and place in this folder to be referred to during your Power HourTM at a later time.

As you become
a leader, you might add another Power Hour for topics such as: "Team building Calls," "Recruiting Leads Follow-up," "Meeting Ideas," etc.

Using the Power HourTM system for customer service.

One category that should not be ignored when allocating the 15-minute increments of your Power HourTM is customer service. How many of us make it a point to always call our hostesses a week or so after they receive their products and ask, "How is everything? "How are you enjoying your products?" "Was everyone excited to get their orders?"

The truth of the matter is that most of us don't make customer service calls
because we equate it with negative responses: problems, complaints, etc., and we don't want to deal with it. The excuse we'll often use is, "I just don't have the time to call everyone back . . ." when in reality, we can't afford not to call everyone back!

We want our hostesses and customers to be advocates for our businesses. We want them to use and show everyone all the free products that they received from our companies. We want them to rave about our products and hostess plans, to be excited that they had a show, and to encourage others to do the same.

How can our hostesses and customers be advocates for our businesses
if they're not using their products or receiving exemplary customer service from us?

Do you think that
everyone was able to get everything they wanted the night of the show? Of course not! That's why it's important to do follow up. You could reap $1,000 to $2,000 in extra sales outside of your shows each and every month with these calls.

When making your calls, rather than calling to
ask if there is anything they need right now, use verbiage such as: "Hi Mary, this is Carol. I'm really excited about a great special we have this month (describe it), and I'm calling my special customers to let you know that I'm placing a special order this week. Would you like me to add you to that list?

This offer could
focus on current holidays or events, i.e., "This makes a great Mother's Day gift," or "This would be perfect for any weddings or anniversaries you have coming up," or "This item would be great for those hard-to-buy-for people on your holiday gift list this year." When people are asked, "Is there anything you are needing right now?" It's too easy to simply respond with, "No, I'm all set." So try this idea and boost your sales!

Customer service is really customer care. It is taking care of our customers and our hostesses. It's building a strong rapport and camaraderie; it's making friends and establishing relationships that will ultimately make us their "consultant for life."

The Power HourTM helps us focus on our goals.

We all know the importance of goals.
Many of us in the field of direct sales have short- and long-term goals, and one of the major vehicles we use to propel us toward our goals are daily lists, or things we wish to accomplish each day.

Unfortunately the majority of us do not make "healthy" lists. You may ask: "What is a healthy list?" A healthy daily list is simply one that lists no more than five things that can realistically be accomplished within a 24-hour time frame -- things that will move us toward our goal!

We set ourselves up for failure by making  unhealthy lists filled with scores of things to do that are unrealistic and impossible to complete. At the end of the day, when only four or five tasks have been completed, we become discouraged. Making healthy lists reinforces a positive sense of accomplishment.

All too often I hear salespeople and managers say, "I never have time for myself; it seems like I do this business 24 hours a day!"
It's not that you don't have the time; it's that you don't allocate the time for yourself. Each day ask yourself: "What five things am I going to do today to get me to my goal? What five things can I do during the next 24 hours that will propel me forward on my journey to success?" Then do them, 15 minutes at a time!

When you get them done, you will feel great, and have a sense of pride and accomplishment. Then you can take time out to do the things you enjoy -- time for you! It's all about how you allocate your time.

One hour each day. Four 15-minute increments can begin to move you in the direction of your goals. By incorporating this Power HourTM system into your lives, I am confident that you will begin to see powerful results in your businesses!

Source Material: Belinda Ellsworth.

Creative Corner:

Here's another quick easy card that can be done in many color combinations.  This card was inspired by the layouts from the Fall Album Retreat.  I love the combination of Honey and Slate with a splash of Lagoon.  I used 2 different word stamps that I cut apart.  I also love combining different font types. The first is one of my favorites - B1417 Perfect Fit - Birthday. and D1514 Just a Number.  I also love C1561 One-
way Borders.  Chevrons are really trendy at the moment.  If you look around, you will see them EVERYWHERE!  Especially in connection with sports.  I added a bit of reinker with rubbing alcohol in a spray pen.  If you use alcohol it dries much faster. - kinda smells like a Doctors office though!  I think I may try the card again with Ruby/Cranberry and Black with the Honey Triangle Washi tape next.  What other color combinations can you think of?  Leave a comment to share with everyone!


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