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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How to start a conversation about CTMH. plus a bit of this and that.

A colorful graphic birthday card I received from CTMH!
I think I'll use this for my July card class.
I hope you all had a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!  May is quickly coming to a close and it's your last chance to register for the CTMH Convention!  Although there is still 1 month left in the quarter,  check your sales stats to be sure you'll hit your $300 minimum for the quarter.  If you ordered one of the new D ring binders,  please pay extra attention.  See the excerpt from the CTMH Weekly Update below.

 Refunds for D-ring Albums; Faux Leather Albums ExtendedThe new D-ring coated canvas albums were manufactured by our long-standing vendor that has produced our faux leather albums and our Work-In-Progress album. In our further research and testing of the stock received, we believe that the D-Ring build quality, though not defective per se, is not of sufficient strength for our likely page weight usage scenarios. As such, we will be processing an immediate refund for all Cocoa Damask (Z1980) and Slate Circles (Z1981) D-ring albums ordered to date.
The vast majority of these albums were ordered as a regular commissionable item. Consultant refunds will be included with May commission payments.....Because commissions have not yet been processed for May, keep in mind that the refund for those albums purchased as a regular item will also lower a Consultant’s personal commissionable sales total by the same amount.

 Here is a great offer from Town and Country!

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Business Bit:
As you know, I'm a big fan on The Mind Aware online webinar series.  Here is a great tip from a mini class I'd like to pass on to you.

Video Script:
Hi, it’s Dana Wilde from The Mind Aware. Are you afraid to pick up the phone? Or does the thought of approaching a stranger about your business freak you out?
Well, if you want to alleviate that panicked feeling then “state your fear first.” What do I mean by that?
If you are feeling nervous about talking with someone or calling someone, than recognize that fear and have it be the FIRST sentence out of your mouth.
Just say exactly what’s on your mind.
For example, if you feel like you’re being rude when you approach someone, then just say to them, “I feel like I’m I’m being rude approaching you, but … “ and fill in the blank with the reason you wanted to approach them.
When you call someone, if you’re worried about looking like a pushy salesperson then make sure to say immediately, “I’m afraid I’ll look like a pushy salesperson by calling you, but …” and fill in the blank.
Stating your fear first makes you feel better and it helps your prospects connect with you as a normal human being with normal feelings.
Remember, after the “but”, fill in the blank with something of value to them … a free sample, a new product catalog, or something else of value.
At The Mind Aware we believe in Intentional Action … get your mindset right first and then take action. 

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