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Thursday, June 19, 2014

A BUNCH of Reminders and a Sneak Peek!

Another quick notecard - this can be done in any one of
our many colors and the sentiment can be changed.  It makes
a great quick invitation.
I'm heading to Anaheim, CA for the CTMH Convention this weekend.  I'm going early to spend a couple of days visiting my brother who lives just 15 minutes from Disneyland.  If you need to reach me while I'm away from my office, you can send me a message via Facebook , email me at or leave me a comment here!  I have posts in the pipeline scheduled to post while I'm away.  If you're not able to join us at Convention, be sure to check the CTMH website, Facebook, Twitter and Jeanette's Blog to all the latest news!


1.) The second quarter is almost over so check your stats! They are located at the top of the page under Key Statistics. Your Quarter-to-date needs to be $300 or more by June 30th in order to remain a consultant. Remember, there is no longer a Jr. Consultant Title! To remain a CTMH consultant you must submit $300 in minimum sales each quarter.  The CTMH website is bound to be extra slow with last minute ordering, convention orders and new Idea Book ordering so do it NOW! Don't wait and risk losing out!

If you have downline - call/text or email them a reminder. 

2.)  The retired list is up on the CTMH website!  I have condensed it to fit on 2 pages- without the consultant only items- that you can add your contact info to and email it to your customers or print it to add to your lapboards.  Email me and I can send it to you
FYI - We are losing 5 colors: Blush, Buttercup, Twilight, Creme Brulee and Sky.  Take time in July to start purging your supplies so you are showing only current products.

3.) Take a moment to take advantage of the FREE customer newsletter that CTMH has provided. Use the space CTMH has provided to personalize it to promote your classes, clubs or other events or just showcase your artwork! Look under Marketing - Newsletters on the CTMH online office.
4.)  Sneak Peek!  Consultants can now order the August Stamp of the Month - S1408 What A Hoot!  $17.95  Go to your OBA and type the order number in and you'll see it.  Sooo Cute!

5.)  It's time to place your order for the 2014-2015 CTMH Idea Books!  The ordering system and Idea books are new this year and you now order in 10 packs that you can order anytime during the next year so you can spread it out as your budget and need dictate.  Here is how you do it:
Go to Order Entry - Open "Individual Order" and enter item number WC10151. Books come in packages of 10 - so if you enter quantity of 1- you will get 10 books; quantity of 5 you will get 50 books.
This is the only thing you may include in this order-- ONLY CATALOGS. You will get a notice that this item is on backorder until June 26. The books begin shipping on June 26 in the order received so don't wait too long if you want them right away!
FYI: Consultant price (including shipping, etc) is approx $3.30 per book depending your sales tax rate.  Here in my area, my cost is $3.61 each.  The retail price printed on the catalog is $6.  Since we are able to order in small quantities of 10 and it's all the same price whether 10 or 100, I will not be ordering extras for downline to pick up or mail to you unless you are willing to pay my cost plus the shipping to send them to you.

6.)  If you're part of my team 1-4th downline - be sure to stop by at the Connected Hearts Team Table to receive your convention goodie!

Just as the SUPERBOWL is to football fans,
So is the CTMH Convention to Consultants.
This is the BIG GAME for us!
You are invited to
The Dream Team - Connected Hearts and Legacy Makers
Presented by Karen Morris, Naomi Smith and Julie Reynolds.
Wednesday, June 25
7:00 – 9:00 pm
The Magic Kingdom Ballrooms 2 & 3
wear ANY sports team jersey to the meeting,
I mean, HUDDLE on Wed. night. (Don’t forget the face paint! LOL)

Come prepared to fill your playbook w/ strategies and proven moves that will propel you forward. Plus a bonus presentation by a CTMH VP!!
Bring your camera, notebook, business cards (for networking), handmade cards (to swap) and your checkbook for bidding on personal training sessions with premiere team members!
We support Operation Smile and the silent auction for “Personal Trainers” is a win-win opportunity for your personal growth that will restore a smile to a child. Our goal is to beat last years total of $1270.
DOORS Open at 6:40 pm. The Huddle begins at 7:00 pm.
The Magic Kingdom Ballrooms 2 & 3.

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