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Friday, June 6, 2014

The Direct Sales Mindset - Some Wisdom from Kristine Widfeldt

My June Stamp of the Month Card.
18 more days 'til Convention and the unveiling of our new 2014-2015 Idea Book!  Have you ordered your new Idea Books yet? 

1. Pre-Order Your Annual Inspiration Idea Books Beginning June 1, you can place your pre-orders for the new Annual Inspirations idea book! As part of this pre-order program, you can order the Annual Inspirations book in packs of 10. We will begin shipping these orders in coordination with the first day of Convention, June 25. Log in to Online Office and access Order Entry to place your pre-orders. Simply use the item number WC10151, add your desired quantity of 10-packs, and submit your order. Once submitted, the order will appear in your records as backordered until the shipment date. You can review details about the Annual Inspirations idea book and this pre-order program in the General Idea Book FAQ available in Online Office.

I used an Individual Order to place mine.  You will be able to order Idea Books all year on an as needed basis.  This will help with budgeting so you
don't get stuck with extra books next spring.

Team Convention News:
If you're joining us for convention - I hope you'll also join me for the 1st ever CTMH Disney 5K Walk/Run!  I was so excited that CTMH is not only giving us the tools to keep our businesses healthy, but our bodies too.  You need good health to keep you, your families and business running strong!

You're Invited to the Rise & Shine 5K Fun Run at Convention

We invite you to join us for our first annual Rise & Shine 5K Fun Run at Convention this summer! Close To My Heart staff is planning to run a 5K through Downtown Disney and the parks on Saturday, June 28 from 6:30-7:30 am, and we’re inviting all Convention attendees that are interested to run with us! In order to adequately staff the route we’ll be on, Disney requires a minimum amount of participants for events like this. Not a runner? No problem! There will be two groups going on the fun run – one will walk and the other will jog/run. Regardless of your fitness level, we would love to see you there!
Registration for this event will be $35 USD, however, no payment is required today. Once we have collected all RSVP responses and we see that there is enough interest in the Rise & Shine 5K Fun Run, you will be emailed a link to register for and pay for your spot. All participants will receive a special ribbon in your registration bag. Please submit your RSVP here by Friday, June 13 to let us know that you’d like to join us on this adventure, and you can run or power walk next to Vice Presidents Monica Wihongi & Kristine Widtfeldt!

Many of us are ordering shirts to mark the occasion. 
Here's the tank link...this is the one I ordered in pink.
Tank Top for Women. The perfect gift for anyone who loves to run. Get on for a marathon event, or Just to style around in one!

Or a t-shirt if you prefer:
Womens T-Shirt Classic Fit Soft Style 100% cotton. The perfect gift for anyone who loves to run. Get on for a marathon event, Birthdays, Mothers

Business Bit:

Here is a great excerpt from Dana Wilde's interview with Kristine Widfeldt on the Mind Aware Season 5.

KRISTINE WIDFELDT: Well I think the ideal direct seller understands that she doesn’t have to compete with retail. She offers something that is hopefully unique, demonstrable, and consumable. And if she has those three things and has a real passion for the product, where she’s going to compete and build an amazing business and this is a part of the direct-sales mindset, is knowing, that I have a one-to-one connection. We are still a face-to-face business or person-to-person business because even if you’re conducting business online, it’s about the relationships that you develop with your
customers. It’s about the network of people who loves not just the product that you’re offering, but the way that you personalize it, customize it, and deliver it to them with care.  And you cannot find that in a retail store. It is worth more than the price tag, and so I love people who understand that
I can work as hard as I want to earn the money and the lifestyle that I want. I love the way that I meshed perfectly within your life, and I think direct sellers have a unique internal motivation that others don’t. They’re willing to set their own hours and then stick with it, and understand that they’re success depends on their own contribution rather than “Okay, this is my job. I’m going to show up and, you know, sit in a chair for eight hours a day.” So I love that unique perspective of “This is mine. This is mine to add
value to. This is mine to work if I wish.” I think that there is no better worker, partner, associate, and representative, than someone who understands the direct-sales mindset.

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