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Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's Your Story?

Twenty Two Years with Close To My Heart

The first DOTS catalog - all the artwork was done by Jeanette
I just realized that this week marks my 22nd anniversary as a CTMH (DOTS) consultant!  When I signed up, the company was just 6 months old.  I was a stay-at-home mom with 2 kids ages 5 and 7 and I was looking for a way to earn $500 a month after expenses for the "extras".In those days, things were very different!  The company was known as DOTS - Dozens of Terrific Stamps.  One of my friends was having a party and shared the catalog with me.  I was in LOVE!  I loved all those rubberstamps and thought that embossing was magic! 

 I also saw DOTS as a way for me to be able to earn that $500 a month sharing something I loved AND be home with my kids. If you'd asked me 23 years ago if I'd ever thought about doing a home party plan, I'd have told you you were CRAZY.  It's the last thing I'd consider doing.  On top of that, it was "not a good time" for me as I was very busy with PTA and other volunteer jobs.  As I recall the kit was $250, so it was quite an investment for our limited budget. 

The first CTMH catalog

The introduction of Background and Texture papers!

Photo stencils to crop your photos

My point is in sharing my story with you is not to prejudge anyone when offering the opportunity to become a consultant.  CTMH has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.  It has provided me with so much more than I had ever dreamed of.  Beyond the financial blessings, there are the friendships, personal growth, a way to express and share my creativity, the tools to preserve my family's stories through scrapbooking, a way to teach others so they can do the same and being a role model for my children.  I have been able to fulfill my goals of being that stay-at-home mom and have an awesome career. 

If building a CTMH team is part of your goals, I'd like to encourage you to share your story and offer it to everyone you know.  You never know who may be interested in our amazing opportunity. 

Business Bit:
Are you taking advantage of this month's Constant Campaign, "Sign Up and Celebrate"?
April is the month to sign up as a new Consultant because when you join the Close To My Heart family, you’ll receive the April, May, June, and July Stamp of the Month stamp sets for free! Now that’s a reason to celebrate!  - this deal is valued at over $75!  If you have former downline, you should contact them and offer them this opportunity to join the CTMH family again!  Sr. Director, Linda Sturdivant from San Jose, CA has created a group that she calls "club consultants"  you can create a special group and hold classes that they can create projects using the contents of their kit.  Let them know that you can now join for just $49 plus tax and shipping!  Here are some timely tips to help you out. 

Recruiting tips from The Success Factory

Quick Tip #1 Never prejudge! – Ask everyone to join. You never know why someone may be interested in the business. It is not your job to decide FOR them - it is your job to share the opportunity with them and let THEM decide!

Quick Tip #2 Ask questions to reveal a potential recruits "hot button" or "need". Think about why she would benefit from working with your company and what qualities she has that would make her a good consultant.
Quick Tip #3 Your hostess is your best prospect! She has experienced first-hand what a fun and easy job you have. Parties that you book at her party can be her parties to do! Be sure you are offering the opportunity to your hostess from your first coaching call by planting seeds like "Watch what I do the night of your party, if you think you can see yourself doing the same thing, we need to talk!"

Quick Tip #4 An objection is often a request for more information. For example, when a prospect says, "I don't have enough time", she may really be unaware of how much time a job like this takes. A great response is, "How much time do you think this takes?" This gives you the opportunity to clear up any misconceptions she may have about the business.

Quick Tip #5 Don't forget to close or ask for the sale. It's so simple, just remember to ask, "So, what do you think?" Then, BE QUIET and wait for her response.

Shout Outs:  Congratulations to these awesome team members for their promotions in February and March!  I'm sure there will be many more next month!

Kathy Markloff  Sr Ex Director    
Helen Onulak Sr Ex Manager
Wendy Coffman Sr Ex Manager
Linda Lynch         Ex Manager
Jessica Mathewson   Ex  Manager
Nancy Brown     Manager
Laurie Varner     Manager
Kelly Karnafel    Supervisor
Debbie Storey   Supervisor
Diane Jackson    Supervisor
Darlene Rosson    Supervisor
Harry Sher           Supervisor
Sheila Iverson    Supervisor
Carol Adkins       Supervisor
Lisa Whitley        Supervisor
Martha Zook      Supervisor
Sheree Brogan    Supervisor
Angel Bankston    Supervisor
Christina Riley       Supervisor
Renee White         Supervisor
Mary Stuart          Supervisor
Meliisa Quinby      Supervisor
Lalia Harris              Supervisor
Gina Sessum           Supervisor
Sharon Young            Supervisor
Heather Schon          Supervisor
Kim O'Dell                   Supervisor
Jackie  McCroskey     Supervisor
Diane Cook                 Supervisor
Marcie Helmke         Supervisor

Top Team Builders as of Thursday morning - the stats are changing hourly!

Michele Rowley - 7 new team members - Costa Rica will be in your grasp!
Dr. Phil Wilhelm - 7 new team members too!  You'll be the next person to earn the Costa Rica  trip for sure!

Alisa Chilton - 2
Valerie Hudson -2

Kathy Markloff -2 Laura Irsfeld -2
Marie Holmes 2
Valerie Hudson - 2

Creative Corner:
Participating in art swaps is the best way to quickly have new ideas to share with your customers.  This can be done through team meetings, at CTMH events such as Convention and Regionals or through the many online swaps on the CTMH bulletin board.  When the new Idea Books are released, I participate in a "board swap" coordinated by my upline, Karen Morris.  It is an honor to be part of this group of artists and I look forward to the day that my postman delivers the treasures!  I must say that I feel a lot of pressure to do my best work.  The consultants who participate are not only great artist, but they are also some of the top sellers in the company!  Here is some of the artwork (including mine). 

If you'd like to participate in one of our team meeting swaps, email me and I'll send you the details.

Awesome artwork by Cindy Herman - I love the pop of red on her 12x12 layout

My artwork using Chantilly


Surf's Up artwork by Lisa Combs. I love the simple elegance of her 2 standard cards in the upper right

A gorgeous card shared at the Oregon Team meeting  the "For Always" B&T is sponged!

Quote of the Week:

"Excellence can be attained if you: Care more than others think is wise.  Risk more than others think is safe.  Dream more than others think is practical.  Expect more than others think is possible"

~Jim Gentil~


  1. Wow, six months into ctmh, could you bring the first catalog to Oregon meeting would love to see it!

    Thanks for sharing!!
    Jackie B.

    1. Sure, Jackie. Maybe I'll bring the whole history! I have'em all.