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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Increase your Sales with Dream Pop!

The view from my office window
Spring has finally sprung in my corner of the world - here in the Pacific Northwest, we are famous for all the rain we get - and for good reason!  This time of the year we celebrate when the sun finally comes out and with it, we are blessed with a riot of green and a multitude of colorful flowers.
As I sit here in my office I want to share with you the view out my window.  Each year the big cherry tree in my backyard greets the spring with a blanket of delicate white blooms that drift in the wind like snowflakes.  It is so fleeting and lasts just a few days.  Today, my husband and I are going on our annual trip to the see Mother Nature's artistry in the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

Roozengaard Display Gardens - Mt Vernon ,WA
All of this color reminds me of next month's Constant Campaign, Dream Pop, to celebrate National Scrapbooking Month!  I'm so excited to share this colorful paper pack with all my customers.  CTMH has provided us with an awesome tool.  Besides the artwork on the back of the packaging, there is an entire workshop guide and video complete with instructions on the website!  Check it out:
under Marketing - Constant Campaigns - Dream Pop.  CTMH has made it Faster - Simpler and Easier to help us make the most of this wonderful Campaign! 

Here is an article that will give you some tips on how to increase your sales so that your customers will qualify for the Dream Pop paper and with just $5 more, the Stamp of the Month too!

Business Bit:

5 Hot Selling Tips To Increase Your Sales
By Barb Girson
(My additional text is in italics)
Customers appreciate when you do some of the thinking for them. These selling tips work only when you have a service mindset in your head and customer satisfaction in your heart.

1. Think Multiples! When adding up the order, ask if they have anyone else who might like this item as a gift and suggest, "Do you have anyone else on your gift list that is around the same price range? You might save time picking up a few of these for others, too?" Things like the 6x6 Memory Showcase, Piercing Tool kit,  our stamp scrubber and our new Organizer boxes are great gifts for any scrapper or stamper.  If the item is for personal use, consider the convenience of having more than one. For example: Blocks are great to have more than one!

2-4  are kind of the same ideas.....

2. McDonald's It! When you order a hamburger, the question that follows is, "Would like fries with it?" No one gets offended by the question and the person asking is not offended if you decline. Make a list of the most popular items that your customers order and be ready to inquire if they would like to pair with it?  If someone orders the Large Organizer Box - you could suggest the Tabbed Dividers, Stamps and blocks, Inks and the scrubber/cleaner and reinkers, the list is almost endless!

3. Amazon It! When a customer orders a book on Amazon, the company always populates a list of related material, as well as listing additional customers who purchased the product. People tend to rely of third party endorsements, thus in this case your customers. Think about the items your customers are selecting and be ready to recommend, "I see you ordered (insert product), many of my other customers who ordered this... also ordered (insert)."  You'll notice that this feature has been added to our OBA's!

4. Upsell It! If your customer orders a single item, recommend the set where applicable. Many items in your product line are matched or complementary pairs. It might mean a ring that matches a bracelet, a kitchen tool designed to enhance a specific bowl, or a skin cleanser with a toner. In order for your customer to get the full benefit, make them fully aware of the compatibility.

5. Sweeten It! How many times have you been tempted to add a luscious dessert on because the server's delivery was too tempting to turn down? When you are adding up your orders, put a sweet cap on the shopping experience by showing a few of your lower priced items that you did not have an opportunity to talk about during your presentation. These add-ons can be the sweetest way to end a good meal, or turn a transaction into a relationship based on recommendations that enhance the service you provide.  This idea can be used to have them qualify to get the Stamp of the Month for $5.00 and in May the Dream Pop Paper pack!
Get to know our product line, what pairs with what and what the price points of our great accessories are.  Make a list of "your favorite things" and do a quick "show and tell" on why you LOVE them!  Better yet, have your customers get in in the action and share their favorites and why - testimonials are the best way to promote our products - take a lesson from the home shopping channels like QVC and HSN.  Listen to their presentations and the people who call in.
Increase your sales by offering stellar service and making smart suggestions.

Barb Girson Original Work© 2011 All Rights Reserved

About the Author
Barb Girson, International Direct Selling Industry expert, trainer and coach, is a highly interactive, creative speaker and author offering professional skill development programs for workshops, leader retreats, annual conventions and teleclass sales training programs.

Barb helps companies, teams & entrepreneurs... Gain Confidence. Get Into Action. Grow Sales.To contact Barb, sign up for her next FREE sales training teleclass and get her Sales Strategies Ezine go to

Congratulations and thank you to Lynn Como for an outstanding and informative Director's/Sr. Ex. Manager's Webinar.  If you'd like access to these webinars, make a plan to promote to Sr. Ex. Manager! Thanks, CTMH for making these webinars available to Sr. Ex Mgrs too!

This has been an amazing month for team growth!  Since the start of the Sign Up and Celebrate Constant Campaign, our team has grown by an incredible 144 members!  Congratulations to each of you who shared the CTMH opportunity.  Here are the top team builders who have added 2 or more members to their teams:

       Top 5
Briana Bostick - 13
Noreen Petty -11
Michele Rowley -8
Dr. Phil Wilhelm -7
Christina Eisenhour - 4
Sharon Esau -4
Dawn Hinckley -3
Debi Thomas -3
Gail Hopkins -3
Lisa Merrill -3
Marie Holmes -3
Mary Wood -3
Allisa Chilton -2
Amy McGrew -2
Corina Biermaas - 2
Deb Green -2
Diane Meinhardt -2
Kathy Markloff -2
Laura Irsfeld -2
Sarita Schraeder -2
Sharon Young -2
Shelly Nemitz -2
Valerie Hudson -2
Wendy Ramey -2

Creative Corner:
Here is one of the cards from the CTMH workshop guide - below is my version

I made 5 tweaks to the original card to make it more "workshop friendly"
I used a 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 white base card and cut the colored cardstock at 4 x 5 1/4 so that I can get 6 out of a 12x12 sheet
I created the card using 2 different cardstock colors to show the versatility& color coordination and have enough from 1 pack
I also cut the stars using the Cricut instead of using the Wood Tiny Trinkets -  I will show them those as an upsell item
I changed the Bakers Twine to Gray since it's available as a bulk item
I cut the B&T the opposite direction so that each piece is certain to contain all of the colors so that the colors make sense
I could have used a 1/2" strip of the Glitter paper instead of the Shimmer Trim and used it as a upsell item or vise-versa

Here is my May Stamp of the Month class card, inspired by Kelly Brandt

This beautiful card is from CTMH to commemorate my 22nd year with CTMH

I love this card inspired by Dawn Montagano.  I used the bulk Claire B&T and matted the "thought bubble"  I used Cricut Craft Room to change the shape of the mat piece to make it fit better.

This is a simply great card by Michele Kunigk.  It can be made with different paper packs and you can use up your scraps.
It would make a great demo card to show of our coordinating inks, cardstocks and B&T paper as well as our paper trimmer and how our stamps coordinate with the Cricut shapes.  Bulk sparkles help keep the cost to a minimum

Quote of the Week:
From Brian Tracy's Facebook Page


  1. I love your blog posts. They are always motivating and inspiring. Thanks for the tips on the artwork. I hope to use them month.

  2. This is a great article for those who are starting out in the business. Also to those who are in the business for years but still have a hard time increasing their sales. It wouldn't hurt to ask as long as it's not going to offend the customer. Anyway, they can always say 'no' if they don't want the product or service you offer. Be confident on what you sell or offer. To do this, be familiar with all your products so you can present them impressively.

    Guillermina Falkowski @Pro Excellence