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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Keep on Sharing!

One of my quick cards for my May card classes
I love to add color to my sparkles with a Sharpie
Marker. Ariana bulk with a bit of Balloon Ride bulk
I am sorry to have missed posting on Tuesday.  I have been trying to fix a problem that you have undoubtedly been aware of.  It seems my blog was somehow hijacked and random posts have been showing up in Arabic (or some language that looks like it)  I hope that I have fixed the problem.  I changed my password and that didn't help so I had my assistant delete a 3rd party app that auto posts my new posts to Facebook.  I apologize for the disruption. 

One week left......have you shared the incredible CTMH recruiting special this month?

Business Bit: A re-post from 2 weeks ago....

I hope that each of you are taking advantage of the AMAZING opportunity CTMH has offered to help us grow our teams. The key is to SHARE it with EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE! In a nutshell when they sign up April 1-30th they will recieve - $400 in CTMH products (including a Cricut bundle of their choice) for just $99!!! AND a 22% discount until at least September 30th. Post it on ALL your social media sites as a quick easy way to start.  You never know who will want to start their own CTMH business or who your contacts know that may be interested.

If you are interested in growing your teams contact me ASAP, I'd love to help you. This offer is just through the end of the month so get started NOW! If you don't share, someone else will :)

For those of you who have "Former Consultants" be sure to contact them and see if they want to take advantage of this limited time offer. You can easily access their contact information by going to your "Advanced Reports" - downline reports and clicking on "Former consultant contact information". They already know how wonderful CTMH products are and would be the easiest place to start your sharing :)
In the last 21 days the team has grown by leaps and bounds!  We have 378 new members to welcome!  Congratulations to all of you who have shared the CTMH opportunity this month.  The following 36 people have recruited 3 or more new team members!

1st Downline:
Christina Eisenhour, Ginni Candelaria, Laurie Varner, Linda Caler, Michele Rowley, Susan Hopkins and Tina Lovell

2nd Downline:
Geri Polasek, Meredith Nguyen, Noreen Petty, Sarah Hirsch and Susan Williams

3rd Downline:
Adeline Brill, Briana Bostick, Cathryn Oliver Brown, Dalene Wells, Debi Thomas, Dr. Phil Wilhelm, Jean Ann Gardner, Joy Tracey, Krista Hershberger, Lynn Como, Mandy Petty, Rachel Rothmeyer, Sheila Wilson and Tonya VanWinkle.

4th Downline:
Amy Raftery, Angie Hofmann, Cara Miller, Dawn Flammger, Janet Royer, Judy Larsen, Melinda Beltran, Mischelle Smith, Sheryl Harpel and Tammy Sinks.

I took the day off today to go and tip-toe through the tulips at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.  This is a yearly tradition for my husband and I.  It's one of the beautiful gifts we have here in Western Washington in exchange for all of the rain.  I get inspired by the beauty of mother nature and all of the vibrant colors that never seem to clash. 

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