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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Awesome Skylark Artwork - 10 Success Tips

Hi Everyone!

I'm back in my office and back to work.  I hope you found some useful information and creative inspiration in my posts these past 2 weeks.  
Team News: 
The Rediscover Events are incredible!  I would encourage everyone, especially those who have never been to a corporate event or are unable to attend convention this year to register if there is one in your area.  Kristine had a message about the power of network marketing - how to find new customers by working with people you already know.  They may not be interested in CTMH but they may know someone who is.  I have done this with my hairstylist and my nail gal.  When people ask me about my hair or nails and I give them Michael or Julie's card.  Both of these people have lots of potential customers for me!  I challenge you to ask someone in your life to become your referral partner to help each other build your businesses.
Reminder:  There are just 13 days left in the quarter.  Be sure to check your quarterly minimums to be sure you hit your $300.  For leaders, contact your team members to remind them.
Creative Corner:  
As part of our brief team meeting at the Seattle and Portland Rediscover CTMH events, we did an art swap with Skylark as our theme.  Here are the 3 winners from the Oregon meeting.  Congratulations to Tarina Holloway, Tera Boring, and Nancy Reding!  
1st Place- Tarina Holloway

2nd place - Tera Boring

3rd Place - Nancy Reding

Business Bit: Today's Tip - From The Success Factory 
I loved the tips in this article since it pertains to our type of business - Direct Sales.  It's different in so many ways from traditional jobs.  It has it's special challenges that if we can find systems to overcome, has rewards of flexibility that far outweigh the challenges

Subject: Ten Success Tips for your Direct Sales Business.  Part 1of 3

As a longtime volunteer in an organization in my community; one of my jobs is to help to replace women who leave their positions with the organization. This year we lost one of our most valued leaders. Her family finances had become challenging due to down sizing in her husband's company and so she was off to get a job herself to help make ends meet. She decided on direct sales; immediately asking me to join her in her business (I declined). However, I congratulated her on her enthusiasm for her new venture and asked her to sign up for our free email tips!

Recently I had a chance to visit with her and ask how her (3 month old) business was going. Her business, she told me, had come to a screeching halt. Another volunteer commitment was in crisis and was now taking ALL of her time and so, she was not currently working her direct sales business.

The story was familiar. I experienced it all too often in my own direct sales organization. As a leader, I never did get over the feeling of disappointment each time it happened. Someone with amazing potential who was a fast starter was gone before they'd even gotten started; LIFE had taken the place of her business.

The field of direct sales can be exciting and given today's current economy, many people are giving it a try. No resumes or interviews are necessary; just a small amount of capital to purchase a kit. So then what is the secret to success in direct sales? What steps can be taken to ensure one's success?

1. Have goals and find a buddy for accountability to those goals. Whether you want to make enough money for your child's college tuition, a car payment or a kitchen remodel; working towards something tangible is important. Break that goal into bite-sized chunks. What amount of work will it take in order for you to earn the amount of money you need to attain your goal? Share your goal with your spouse, your manager or a friend and ask them to hold you accountable for your weekly and daily activity.
2. Make lists. Working in direct sales means that you are your own boss. That means there will be no one but YOU to tell you what to do each day. If you are reading the daily email tips from The Success Factory, that is a great start as we always endeavor to help you with ideas to help you grow your business. However, making a daily 'to do' list will keep you on task so that the distractions of working from home do not side-track you.
3. Stay positive and enthusiastic. Make a decision to always look at the positives in every situation. When you experience difficulties, DECIDE to look at them as challenges that will help you to grow stronger. If you are having a hard day, always DUMP UP to your upline or recruiter. Staying positive for your team members is an important key to success as they will follow your lead. ALSO, do not complain to your spouse about your business as they may just encourage you to quit. Having the support of your spouse is another important key to success.
 Quote of the Day:
Success is not dependent on your ability to do this business well, but your willingness to do it regularly.


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