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Thursday, March 20, 2014

More Awesome Skylark Artwork - Part 2 of 10 Success Tips

Happy first day of spring!  The sun is shining here in Seattle and the first flowers are starting to peek their heads out.  I've been busy in my studio creating artwork for my April classes.  When I get them finished I'll share them with you.  In the mean time, I'm sharing more from the Rediscover CTMH event swaps.  Enjoy!

Creative Corner:
Today I'm featuring more artwork from 2 talented team members.  I love the way these 2 cards by Joanie McCall and Mary Thomas really showcase how well our papers coordinate with our inks, cardstocks and accessories to create a cohesive feel.  That is the strength and beauty of our product line that is hard to find through craft stores and online outlets.  These cards can easily be recreated for your customer clubs and workshops.

By Joanie McCall - Oregon

By Mary Thomas - Washington
Business Bit:  Part 2 - Today's Tip - From The Success Factory

I loved the tips in this article since it pertains to our type of business - Direct Sales. It's different in so many ways from traditional jobs. It has it's special challenges that if we can find systems to overcome, has rewards of flexibility that far outweigh the challenges
Subject: Ten Success Tips for your Direct Sales Business. Part 2of 3

4. ASK don't TELL. Sometimes we are so excited to talk about our product or our business opportunity that we can leave our prospect with 'hurricane hair'. Be sure that you are taking a breath and asking for the appointment or the sale.
5. A 'NO' is just one step closer to a 'YES'. Don't take a 'no' personally. If someone says no to you they are saying no to what you are offering, they are not rejecting you as a person. We are in the business of sorting and not convincing. Statistically you will need to ask ten people to join your team to get one recruit and you will need to ask five people to book a party before one says yes. When you are first beginning your business and refining your technique, those stats might vary a bit. However, knowing that you will need to work through several 'no's' as you edge closer to a 'yes' will help to keep things in perspective.

6. Schedule office hours. Some kind of structure is important; especially when working from home. Depending on your season of life (especially if you have young children) these office hours will change over the years. However setting and KEEPING office hours assures that you not only GO to work, but that you can also GO HOME from work each day.
7. Have a work area. If you have a separate room that is your designated office that is always the ideal situation. However, your 'office' may just be a closet or desk and file box for your business supplies that goes with you to your gatherings or classes.
Quote of the Day:


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