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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Recondition your Cricut Mats with Bonding Memories - End of the Quarter and the JC Program

I'll be back on Tuesday!  Until then, here is another great video to share. 

Team News:
A quick reminder that this is the last month of the quarter and the end of the Junior Consultant Program.  What that means is everyone who sign up as a consultant before January 1st 2014 must submit a minimum of $300 in sales by the end of March in order to remain a CTMH consultant. 

For leaders: I strongly encourage you to check your stats under Advanced Reports and contact those team members who are under the $300 to remind them.  I send a personalized email telling them how much they still need to submit and a link to their OBA.  I also make suggestions on what they might want to purchase and the current Constant Campaign. 
There are just 2 weeks left - check your stats so you don't lose valuable team members!


Here is another great video by team member Noreen Petty. (see Tuesday's post for her bio)  …the more you use your Cricut, the quicker your mats stop sticking, and boy, can that expense add up!! Fortunately, there is a super, cost-effective way to recondition your Cricut mats so you can use them over and over again even after they lose their sticky!!  I’ve created a quick video to show you how I do it!!

Naomi's note:
The one caveat I have is to check the warranty on your machine - I didn't start doing this until my machine was out of warranty.  By then I had 14 old mats I was going to throw away until I tried this - it really works and is a great upsell with our Cricut cartridges!  I put painters tape around the edge to create a clean glue line.  Here in rainy Seattle I leave the mats overnight to dry.

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  1. Naomi, that is a great tip - I usually jot toss mine out, so I will definitely try this next time. Your rock!